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“I Took Troy +12 1⁄2 Over Rome & Covered”: The Corn Nation Q&A With The Trojans

NCAA Football: Colorado at Nebraska
Getting right back into the fight.
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

After a heartbreaking loss to the no-good, shirt-lifting, communist, ankle-twisting, cheating, no-showering, baby-hating, puppy-killing and utterly dislikable Colorado Buffaloes, the Huskers have to jump right back into the fray - very possibly without Adrian Martinez - against the Troy Trojans who just happen to be coming off of an 11-2 Sun Belt Championship season which does exactly scream walkover.

The Trojans are 1-1 after a 56-20 loss to Boise St. (which might be deceptive since the total yardage was very close, but the Troy was plagued by 4 turnovers) and a blowout win against Alabama A&M.

In order to help figure out what we can expect for this Saturday, Robert Latty of Underdog Dynasty was kind enough to answer our questions and give the other side’s pick for this Saturday’s game:

Do you feel the meddling of Aphrodite or the arrogance of Paris was the more significant factor in the fall of Troy?

There’s a reason Troy fans were wary of letting a team who’s mascot is a horse open the newly renovated stadium- Boise just waltzed on in and wrecked us from the inside-out. Hopefully Brett Rypien wanders the seas for ten years, but in Coach Neal Brown we trust to salvage the season

NCAA Football: Boise State at Troy
That’s right! Come get some!
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The turnover bug bit 4 times against Boise St. and then flipped next week at Florida A&M. Boise is obviously the superior team and Nebraska will be better as well. If Troy can eliminate them, is that enough for a chance to beat Nebraska or will they have to force a few as well?

Protecting the ball is key in any game, but especially when on the road looking for the upset. However the biggest key to Troy pulling off an upset would be limiting the big plays that they’ve surrendered all year, especially the deep passes. Troy surrendered four 20+ yard passes last week to FAMU and four before that to Boise. The talent on the defensive line is there to get in the backfield, evidenced by 14 TFLs last week, and the experience has been there so if Troy can have some success rushing throws and stopping rushes before they start they have a shot.

After winning the Sun Belt, what are Troy’s expectations for this season? Are they still in play after the Boise loss?

The expectation coming into the season was to win the Sun Belt again and compete for the G5 slot in a New Year’s game. The loss to Boise has ended the NY6 goal, but the Sun Belt is still more than attainable. UL Monroe on the road will pose a great test on the pass defense that’s struggled so far and traveling to Statesboro late in the season against the option is always tough to prepare for, but the game in Boone against Appalachian State will most likely determine the division winner. This will also be the first year of the Sun Belt Championship game, so a game against Arkansas State will likely be looming.

Deondre Douglas had 102 yards receiving and a TD in the loss and followed that up with another score last week. Is that 1st game indicative of what coaches expect from him and who else should the Huskers look to contain?

Somebody needs to step up as both RB Jemarious Henderson and WR Traveon Samuels will be suspended this week. Both are starters and were expected to be significant contributors this season, Samuels was a Louisville transfer with high expectations to contribute to an already loaded receiving corps. Deondre Douglas will certainly be a weapon, and Damion Willis joins him as an experienced and productive wide out, but expect to see plenty of action out of RB Jabir Daughtry-Frye as a versatile weapon with increased touches this week.

NCAA Football: Boise State at Troy Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Prediction time - Troy is 0-4 against the Huskers but has thrown scares into them before. Is this the year the upset finally happpens and what will the score be?

Prediction- Troy puts a scare on Nebraska for 3.5 quarters but, as has been the case for G5 teams so far this season, they come up short in the end. The offense does it’s job, but big plays continue to plague the defense as Troy falls 34-27.