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Friday Flakes: Frost Instills Confidence in Team and Fanbase

What about you?

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NCAA Football: Colorado at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

As quoted by Derek Peterson of Hail Varsity, when Scott Frost was asked about the possibility of adding a 12th game in December, the Nebraska head coach said the following:

“I don’t want to schedule a game for December because I think we’re going to have a chance to be in the [Big Ten] Championship game,” head coach Scott Frost said Thursday when meeting with the media. “Scheduling a game in December, I don’t want our kids thinking we’re not going to be in the championship game. We need to be in the championship game.”

“We need to be in the championship game.”

What a line.

I don’t know about you but I think Scott Frost actually believes what he says. And he makes me believe him as well.

Do I think we are going to unseat Wisconsin to win our division this year? No. But do I have an increased amount of confidence in the possibility of that happening? Yes.

And I bet the players do as well.

This comes mostly from what we have already seen this coaching staff do in their first game against Colorado. After wiping the “L” from our eyes, you saw a team with mainly the same players look like they would have beat last year’s Nebraska team by 30 points.

The players were flying to the ball on defense. The offensive line was pushing defenders back. And that defensive line. They looked like the best part of this team.

Oh and Adrian Martinez.

After seeing what the coaching staff has done already to improve this team, I am looking forward to seeing what they look like by the end of the year. You never know where they might be.

Coach Frost thinks they could be in Indianapolis on December 1st, and I bet the players think they could be too.

Reminds me of that saying — “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

Randy Moss Giving Tom Osborne a Shout Out

Onto the Flakes....

Husker Links

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Along those lines, the Nebraska true freshman has a sound theory for why he was able to learn the cornerback position with relative ease after starring as a quarterback in high school.

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Non-Husker Links

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This is one of my favorite reads in a long while. Super interesting even if you aren’t an NBA fan.


More companies dropping college degree requirement for new hires | Fox Business
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The college bubble has to burst at some point.


Frost looks pissssssed off

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