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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Lose: Troy

Will Scott Frost start his season even worse than Mike Riley did?

NCAA Football: Boise State at Troy Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Last Saturday the Colorado loss was a tough one because Nebraska outplayed the Buffs the whole game. Major questions about Nebraska came out of the game so at least it will be easier to write this article this week.

Adrian Martinez or Andrew Bunch

Andrew Bunch impressed a lot of people when he replaced Adrian Martinez late in the game on Saturday, especially on the second to last drive when JD Spielman dropped a pass on 3rd and 19. He drove the offense down the field and made some good decisions in the process. With that being said Bunch isn’t the regular starter for a reason. As we saw in the game against Colorado Martinez can be dynamic. The main question here is whether Bunch will be able to fill that role against the Trojans.


Turnovers played a huge part in why Nebraska lost to Colorado. The offense gave away the ball twice at the beginning of the game which led to a 14 point deficit right off the bat. On the other hand the defense didn’t take the ball away at all. I feel like if Nebraska would’ve been able to get one takeaway the game probably would’ve swung in favor of the Huskers. Nebraska will lose this game if it doesn’t take care of the ball and the defense can’t get any turnovers. Scott Frost has said multiple times that the turnover differential is the most important stat in football, and we saw that was true in the game on Saturday.


Something else that killed Nebraska on Saturday, and something that has killed them for as long as I’ve been a Husker fan is penalties. I think Nebraska has three penalties called on special teams which hurt the starting field position. I was in East Stadium and I felt that Nebraska was starting inside the 15 yard line every single possession. Not to mention the questionable penalty on Antonio Reed really hurt Nebraska at the end. If Nebraska can’t clean up the stupid penalties it will lose this game. I wonder if the student section will sneak in the prop flags again this year.

Troy is a Good Road Team

Troy upset LSU in Death Valley last season, and Northern Illinois came into Lincoln last year and upset the Huskers. While Troy did lose its starting QB I’m sure Neal Brown, head coach of the Trojans, will have them ready to play. With Nebraska potentially starting its backup QB it could give the trojans more confidence to come out of Memorial Stadium with a win.

Nebraska Isn’t There Yet

One of the main aspects of the game Husker fans took away from the game on Saturday is there was MAJOR improvement in the offseason. The defense played physical and the team didn’t blink when they were down 14 early. Last season the team probably would’ve counted that one as an L and been thinking about Saturday night plans. I believe that mindset was from the previous coaching staff. Frost has changed the mentality and it showed, but Nebraska is not there yet. If Troy is a struggle for the Huskers maybe all the fans will go back to drinking the sugar free Kool Aid without any alcohol. That being said, I expect this team will be competitive in every game they play.