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Frosted Flakes: How Confident Are You About A Nebraska Victory Against Troy?

Where I advocate starting kids in soccer before football.

Colorado v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

College football picks: Predicting every 2018 Week 3 game -

Nebraska (-12) 45, Troy 22 (Sep. 15, 12:00 PM ET, BTN)

SBNation’s Bill Connelly has his picks for this week’s games in the article linked above.

45-22 Nebraska over Troy, with a line of -12.

That... seems... optimistic to me. I admit that I am not overly optimistic for a bunch of wins this season as I still believe it will take our beloved Scott Frost longer than a single season to get this program going in the right direction.

I am not discouraged by the injury to Adrian Martinez as I believe that Frost has the play-calling ability and offense to overcome any such thing. I don’t think the entire offense is “there” yet, however, as we saw the offensive line falter on some crucial downs in last week’s game. This offense won’t be fully utilized and efficient until we see pulling linemen on a regular basis, and that will take some time.

It appears that Andrew Bunch will get the start this week. I am probably more optimistic about him than most of you. I get this from remote viewing and reading all of your minds, which is a really horrifying process. (Humans have an unbelievable amount of noise in their heads, and yes, I agree with most of you that there aren’t enough really good ham and cheese sandwiches in the world.)

I like the idea of our backup quarterback getting playing time, especially now before we begin conference play. I just wish it were not under these circumstances.

Sports institute declares flag football should be the standard until kids reach high school -

A study looking at how to make football safer proposes a radical change to how youths play the game

Interesting article by Dennis Dodd.

I don’t think playing flag football would be a bad idea, but there’s this entire legion of MEN who believe that if you’re not hitting someone by age six that you’ll be forever regulated to pansy and never learn the game of football. It’s an archaic philosophy, but, honestly, there are a LOT of us fathers who live vicariously through our sons.

I’d go a step further and recommend that kids play soccer before flag football or pad football. I coached a decade of youth soccer - it was one of the best experiences in my life and I’d recommend if you get the chance to coach kids that you take it, although remember not to live vicariously through your team.

Soccer teaches kids to use their feet at a very early age. Name me a sport that doesn’t involve being able to move your feet better than your opponent. I have mentioned this out loud to other fathers, and if they are “football fathers”, they give me this look like I might as well have recommended that their sons start wearing dresses.

You get the idea that youth football is going to protect itself at all costs here, as much as the NFL does.

And this isn’t the end. There is so much more to learn about the human brain. We have not yet scratched the surface. Maybe the Pop Warner people are correct. Time will tell.


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Florida RB Adarius Lemons transferring after Gators’ loss to Kentucky -
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Then There’s This

Normally I like to stick something fun here... but not so today. The two articles below are very serious, and I’d like you guys to take the time to understand what they are talking about.

Why one woman's emotional plea for early colon cancer screening may harm instead of help -
A 32-year-old cancer patient has taken to Facebook to urge people to "get screened early for colon cancer" -- and a number of news outlets are spreading It's a setup for exposing readers to unnecessary costs and harms that almost certainly outweigh any benefit from expanded testing for colon cancer.

How overdiagnosis and other harms can undermine the benefits of screening: A new primer in our toolkit - Overdiagnosis and screening: Our new toolkit primer
September marks National Prostate Health Month, when hospitals and urology practices push free prostate cancer screening.

It’s also when we at publish our annual analysis of why these promotions — and their “screening saves lives” message — are bad for men.