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Nebraska Releases Additional Video of Adrian Martinez Injury vs Colorado

It’s pretty damning is what it is

Colorado v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

The University of Nebraska released non-broadcast video of the Adrian Martinez today, and if there were any doubt that Martinez’ injury was intentionally caused...

Well, I’ll let you decide.

In the video it appears that Colorado linebacker Jacob Callier gives Martinez’ ankle and leg quite a firm twist after Martinez is already on the ground and the play over. Colorado coach Mike MacIntyre announced earlier this week that Callier would not face a suspension.

Several Nebraska media outlets, including 247Sports, obtained the video that was released to the PAC-12 and Big Ten Conferences.

Meanwhile Colorado fans are absolutely convinced no harm has occurred. This may be the best example of confirmation bias that has ever been recorded. Nebraska fans see what they want, and Colorado fans see what they want. I will make the safe assumption next year’s game will carry over a subliminal sense of vindictiveness.