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The Corn Nation Big Ten Power Poll - Week 2

Colorado v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Jill: I dropped Minnesota even after a close win vs Fresno because of Rodney Smith’s injury but maybe they have another back to just plug in. I haven’t watched Indiana at all, so they got whatever spot I didn’t have a number for. Penn St and Michigan haven’t look as good as Ohio St and Wiscy, but I couldn’t see putting them below Maryland or Iowa yet. Nebraska stays in the middle because of their loss.

Nate: One and two are easy. Give credit to Maryland who continues to win and Purdue might be the disappointment of the season so far. They lost a lot from the team the year before but they should be able to beat teams like Eastern Michigan.

Patrick: I retract my statement from last week. Sleep on Purdue.

Rick: What a lousy weekend for the Big Ten. You can’t have weekends like this, then pretend you’re the top conference in the country. ‘Cause you ain’t.

Mike: Purdue becomes a no-brainer at the bottom this week. Everything else becomes a question of “who did you play” and “how did you do, relatively speaking” in ranking these teams. So Minnesota’s two wins (one narrowly) against two crappy opponents means a lot less than Maryland’s (though maybe I should consider Texas a crappy opponent as well.)

Jon: No one is close to Ohio State. Maybe Wisconsin is within a mile or two. Other than that...the rest of this conference needs to find itself.