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This Week’s Worst In College Football: Week 2 Cobs

Purdidn’t, the team that lost at home to Kansas, a Liberty player behaving badly, and El Assico

Iowa State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

It wasn’t the finest week for the Big Ten. In fact, I suggested cobbing the entire conference but some members of our team pointed out that Penn State looked very good and Michigan looked competent so maybe the whole conference was too extreme. Still, there were plenty of cob-worthy performances to note.

1. Purdue:

The Choo Choos lost to the Eastern Michigan Emus. For the last couple of years EMU has been a middle of the pack MAC team, but still. This was the year that Purdue was supposed to become an respectable football team. In fact, in our power poll one team member wrote “Don’t sleep on Purdue”. Zzzzz.

2. Central Michigan:

CMU lost at home to Kansas. Yes, that Kansas. The one that hadn’t won a road game since the first football season of Obama’s Presidency.

3. The Liberty punter:

Liberty’s punter was nailed for targeting with an illegal hit on Army’s punt returner. I guess the announcer considered it ‘bad for the brand’, whatever that is supposed to mean. Maybe it means that good Christians don’t drop vicious hits on an opposing player that could have resulted in serious injury or worse? A sub-cob nomination goes to the rest of the Liberty special teams for really really awful tackling.

4. El Assico:

I’m not really sure whether to give Iowa and Iowa State cobs for giving us the most El Assico-ist El Assico or a medal. Whatever is deserved, absent one decent pass, it would have finished 6-3 in the single most unwatchable game in a LONG series of unwatchable football games.


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