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Nebraska Football: Blackshirts Handed Out, Adrian Martinez Day-to-Day

The Huskers got good news about their starting quarterback and we have our first Blackshirt sighting!

As always when I do press conference recaps, the items in quotes are probably (likely) not exact. I am typing in real time and don’t usually replay the audio to make sure I get it exact.

Update 1:24 pm - the names of the seven players awarded Blackshirts were added.

Coach Frost met with the press today. He had good news on Nebraska’s freshman starting quarterback. There is no ligament damage to QB Adrian Martinez’s knee. He has a chance to play this weekend.

Coach Frost on whether Martinez’s injury was at least partially due to dirty play (twisting after he was down in the pile):

I want to be careful in how I answer don’t want to think anyone who plays this game would do one knows intentions but that person...we do have angle that doesn’t look very good. We turned it in to the Big Ten and Pac 12...

On awarding Blackshirts:

I want 50 guys with Blackshirts...but we don’t just give them out...we expect more guys to have them soon.

The seven players that received Blackshirts were linebackers: Luke Gifford, Mohamed Barry, Dedrick Young, and Tyrin Ferguson as well as nose tackle Mick Stoltenberg, cornerback DiCaprio Bootle, and defensive end Freedom Akinmoladun.

Coach Frost was fairly pleased overall, especially with how the team responded when they were down by 14 points. He did acknowledge some of the mistakes that led to a loss. He included coaches in that as well as some specific plays. One area he pointed out was perimeter blocking.

Any time you get the ball outside, you need to get yards

When asked about special teams

At times special teams played well, but you can pick out any one of 60 things that were mistakes. We didn’t have good starting field position...we have to find a way to not make mistakes in order to win a game like that.

More on what he saw that needs to be fixed:

After the game, I said there were 20 or 25 plays that cost us. When you look at the tape, there were more than that. Fix a couple of those mistakes and we come out with a win.

Let’s hope the improvements we saw Saturday continue to come!