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Frosted Flakes: The Defense Is Better (?)

The defensive secondary is getting better says Erik Chinander, defensive coordinator. This is good, eh?

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Auburn v Central Florida Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We need to get in gear. Yesterday we should have had a practice report. New defensive coordinator Erik Chinander was out there talking about the defense, and how they’re getting better.

This is a good thing.

This is also the part where you say something like... “Well, shit, could they get worse?”

I know I’m supposed to be on the Kool-Aid. Maybe I should switch from Guinness. Maybe it will make me a less bitter old person.

I hope this addition of Tre Neal makes a difference. I think they’re going to have about 150 guys play in the first game against Akron and see who does what. I realize we’ll have a depth chart by then, but I have this feeling that the first part of this season will be “feeling out” who is walking the walk more than talking the talk.

We’re getting closer......

A Story That Hurts

I try to avoid twitter, mostly. You guys know I think it’s a shit hole and it is. You log onto twitter to find out bad things. I am obligated to be on twitter. Otherwise, I would delete my account.

Yesterday, I log on to find out that.... a guy named Trey, @dryhuskerfrog, on twitter, was a completely made up person. This guy pretended to be a former Navy Seal and Husker fan. He supposedly died a while back of cancer. (Don’t bother looking, that account is now deleted.)

Whomever did the account did a good job. I admit, I was upset when he “died”.

Only one problem. A big problem.

We lost Brian nearly a year ago. Brian would have been shitting himself daily over Scott Frost being here at Nebraska. I either talked to or chatted with Brian every day of his entire existence here at CN, with the exception of when I was in a coma, obviously. I am pointing that out because that’s how much we went back and forth.

He would have been screaming at me every other hour about recruiting, or the defense, or the offense, or Tom Osborne. He sure as hell would have had a practice report out yesterday.

It’s not funny to me that some person somewhere decided to create an entire persona and then kill them. Maybe it’s timing. Maybe it’s that “Trey” had a strong personality and that’s what we follow on social media.

Maybe I’m just pissed off because it’s finally hitting me that Brian isn’t with us to see what we believe to be the rebirth of Nebraska football. Shit.


Chinander sees new and improved secondary early in fall camp | KLIN-AM
“We look like a completely different unit on both sides, I think, than the spring,” Chinander said Monday. “It’s knowledge of the system, it’s knowing how coach (Scott) Frost wants them to practice, and it’s probably more competition out there than it was in the spring. It’s a good thing right now.”

Defense Making Progress in Fall Camp - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
"There's a lot of new pieces, the older guys must have done a great job of teaching the younger guys and the young guys have put some work in because they are playing at a high level right now. With the young guys and the new guys we've added playing at a high level, the competition has increased everywhere," Chinander said. "It's been really good for the entire defense to be honest with you. We look like a completely different unit on both sides I think than the spring."

Husker practice report: Defensive coordinator says secondary is Nebraska's 'most improved unit' | Big Red Today blog |
Chinander spoke for more than 20 minutes Monday morning inside the Hawks Center. His strongest statement came when he was asked about the trust level of his secondary, which includes a mix of returning and new contributors.

Rapid Reaction: NU a 'completely different' unit, Chinander says | Life in the Red |
"To be honest with you, we look like a completely different unit on both sides, I think, than we did in the spring. I think it’s knowledge of the system, it’s knowing how Coach Frost wants them to practice, and probably more competition out there than in the spring," Chinander said Monday morning. "It’s very surprising. I didn’t know what we were going to get into. I didn’t know if it was going to be a deal where they were going to take the summer off and chill, but that’s not been the attitude around here and that’s been great to see."

News and Notes from Nebraska's Fourth Practice of Fall Camp | Hail Varsity
>> Defensive line coach Mike Dawson was asked if Nebraska wanted a guy on defense that could consisently demand double-teams because they didn't have that last year. His answer was essentially that that's not what the Huskers want.

Then There’s This

Nursing home escapees found at heavy metal festival: police

A pair of elderly German men escaped from their nursing home to go to a heavy metal festival, it was reported.

Well, where else you going to go???? Shopping?

Alternative comment:

“They went there to repair the Panzers, but finding none, they stayed for the young German girls and Danzig.”