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Frosted Flakes: The Once and Future King

 ”Here lies Urban, king once, and king to be.”

Goodyear Cotton Bowl - USC v Ohio State Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

It is now common place to take those in our society who have achieved greatness and make them bigger than life.

There is nothing new with this. We have been doing it for ages. It is not just an American or western way of thinking. Just about every culture has done this.

We like winners. Those of us to go above and beyond to do what most of us can only dream of doing. They are larger than life. They’re usually well spoken, somewhat intelligent, and more often than not fairly pleasing to the eye. These are the people who we make into gods.

Unfortunately for those who are brought to such great heights in the eyes of the public, it is even easier now for them to be taken down. A couple little slip ups that grew into something much bigger can no longer get swept under the rug as it once might have.

Not too many years ago a young player traded of some athletic memorabilia for a tattoo It cost the head coach their job because for whatever reason the coach wanted to protect the player from getting kicked off the team. This seemed innocent but still against the rules. This seemed to be pretty bad but everyone got what was coming to them in the end, right?

Around the same time it came out that another coach turned a blind eye to an assistant who was also a predator on his coaching staff. It came out that this assistant was doing these things and there was enough to trace some of the responsibility to the head coach himself. Again, they were dismissed from coaching. So, lesson learned.

Now we have another issue where an assistant was an abuser in a relationship and the head coach knew.

My point I am trying to make is that we are in a time where the ability to get away with something, especially at a high level, is harder than it has ever been. Back in the day these people were often protected by those under them. There were almost impenetrable to any problems that would come their way.

We, as a society, have the ability to search almost anything we want and connect the dots ourselves. Reporters have access to more modes of communication than they ever had before. You think you’re safe, wrong. Almost any form of communication can be traced and it is only going to get easier.

I’m not bringing this up because I liked it back before these things were going on. I bring them up to show that if there was ever a time to do the right thing it is now. No one is perfect. None of us are. But we have choices that will not only affect us but everyone that we come in contact with.

Urban had a choice. I have not idea what the situation was at the time, but he had a choice. As far as I can tell he knew what went on with his assistant coach and his family. Maybe there is more to it but it seems that Urban could not have only kept this man from influencing countless young men but also could have stopped what was happening to the assistants wife.

Right from wrong can easily be blurred in today’s society. Many can take their actions and make whatever self righteous story they want to justify it. However, some things are black and white. Invading someone else’s space and abusing your power over them is generally wrong. It’s also wrong to cover it up. No matter how much or little you know. Being in power and also an innocent bystander is no longer an option.

Anyways, on to flakes....


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