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2018 Nebraska Basketball Player Profiles: Tanner Borchardt

Tanner Borchardt found a way to contribute to Nebrasketball last season, can he do it again?

NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Two days before kick-off against Akron, true freshman starting at quarterback for the first time in school history, and now you get to read about Nebrasketball! The perfect way to take your mind off Saturday gameday.

Patrick Gerhart and I are starting a “Meet the Team” series of articles, and who better than former walk-on Tanner Borchard.

Borchardt started out his career as a walk-on for Nebraska, but ultimately left to focus on education. However, he came back last season slimmed down but also pretty built, helping the Huskers out a decent amount in non-conference play.

Then after a demolishing win over Delaware State, Tim Miles pulled this card:

Borchardt didn’t have to do too much during conference play, mainly because of the improvement of Isaiah Roby and Jordy Tshimanga, as well as Duby Okeke’s blocking abilities.

It seems as if Borchardt won’t have to do that much this year either, with the return of Isaiah Roby, as well as newcomers Dedoch Chan and Brady Heiman. Having Borchardt on the bench gives Miles and the Huskers some much needed depth in the frontcourt.

Tanner Borchardt also remains a vital part of the Nebrasketball bench mob, which got featured on ESPN. But more on that later when Patrick does features on Johnny Trueblood and Justin Costello.

During the football season we will most likely have one player feature per week, but as we near Nebrasketball season, the features will become more frequent. For now: Frost is coming.