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Nebraska County Countdown: #2 Lancaster County

Husker fans better get to know number 2...

If we’re talking about Husker football, we have to mention Lancaster county. If there’s one county in Nebraska everybody knows it’s Lancaster. Home of the State Capital and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Personally I’m from Sarpy County, and now I live in Lancaster while I attend school here. As much as I love Sarpy County, Lancaster is a whole other beast.

I took a Nebraska government class last spring and I learned a lot about Lancaster and Douglas County, which I will be discussing tomorrow. Lancaster County is located on the southeastern side of Nebraska.

The State Capitol building is located at K and 14th just south of campus. It’s great for me when I park my car looking south in the 17th and Avery parking garage there’s a great view of the Capitol building. When I walk to Andersen Hall for class there’s a great view of it.

As of the 2010 there were 285,407 people residing in Lancaster County, which is of course the second most populous county in Nebraska. There are only three cities in Lancaster:

Lincoln, Waverly and Hickman. Between Waverly and Hickman there’s approximately 5,000 people living there, which means there’s around 280,000 people in Lincoln alone. Lincoln is also the county seat of Lancaster.

There are a total of 10 villages in Lancaster, and to be honest I’ve never seen any of them. Bennet, Davey, Denton, Firth, Hallam, Malcolm, Panama, Raymond, Roca and Sprague are the villages. Hopefully I can get out to some of these so I can take some pictures and build my photography collection.

Husker Stuff:

As I stated earlier Lancaster County is the home of the Huskers.

Notable Huskers to wear number 2: Jeff Krejci (all-Big 8 S 1981), Jimmy Burrow (second-team all-Big 8 DB), Corey Dixon and Courtney Grixby.

My dad used to take me to Omaha Beef games when I was a little kid and I remember being so exited that Courtney Grixby was on the team because he was a former husker.

Current Husker to wear number 2: Tony Butler So. DB and the big man on campus, the first true freshman QB to start the season, Adrian Martinez.

Let me know what I missed in the comments.