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Big Ten Announces Conference Football Schedule For 2022-2025

We play Michigan! And Iowa at the end of the season!

Jon Johnston

The Big Ten announced the football schedules for the years 2022-2025, showing that they are ever hopeful that the earth and humanity will still be around by then. They also included Ohio State in the conference schedule for those years, which is a good sign for Buckeye fans given what’s currently happening in the world of Urban Meyer and Zach Smith.

The Big Takeaways:

  • Nebraska plays Michigan from 2022-2025
  • Nebraska and Iowa will permanently play each other at the end of each season on Black Friday
  • Look at the 2022 schedule! Yay!
  • Look at the 2024 schedule! Egad!

Remember that in 2020-2021, Nebraska will play Minnesota to end the season. Fans were not happy with that, so it’s been changed so that we can hate Iowa while trying to burn off massive amounts of wine and turkey leftovers.

Below are the schedules for upcoming years so far away that it’s amazing to me we’re even talking about them, BUT IT’S NEWS WE CAN FREAK ON SO LET’S GO!

(Yes, below is a giant cut and paste from the athletic department.)

Nebraska 2022-25 Big Ten Schedules


Sept. 24 at Rutgers

Oct. 1 Indiana

Oct. 8 at Northwestern

Oct. 15 at Michigan

Oct. 22 Minnesota

Nov. 5 at Wisconsin

Nov. 12 Purdue

Nov. 19 Illinois

Nov. 25 (Fri.) at Iowa

Note: Nebraska has completed its 2022 non-conference schedule that includes home games against North Dakota (Sept. 3), Georgia Southern (Sept. 10) and Oklahoma (Sept. 17).


Sept. 2 at Minnesota

Sept. 30 Northwestern

Oct. 7 at Illinois

Oct. 14 Michigan

Oct. 21 Wisconsin

Nov. 4 at Purdue

Nov. 11 Maryland

Nov. 18 at Michigan State

Nov. 24 (Fri.) Iowa

Note: Nebraska non-conference games in 2023 scheduled at Colorado (Sept. 9) and at home against Northern Illinois (Sept. 16), with one remaining non-conference game to be scheduled.


Sept. 21 Minnesota

Sept. 28 at Northwestern

Oct. 5 at Michigan

Oct. 12 Ohio State

Oct. 26 at Penn State

Nov. 9 Illinois

Nov. 16 at Wisconsin

Nov. 23 Purdue

Nov. 29 (Fri.) at Iowa

Note: Nebraska non-conference games in 2024 scheduled against South Dakota (Aug. 31) and Colorado (Sept. 7), with one remaining non-conference game to be scheduled.


Aug. 30 at Illinois

Sept. 27 Michigan

Oct. 4 Wisconsin

Oct. 11 Northwestern

Oct. 25 at Indiana

Nov. 1 at Minnesota

Nov. 8 Rutgers

Nov. 22 at Purdue

Nov. 28 (Fri.) Iowa

Note: Nebraska has a non-conference game scheduled at Cincinnati in 2025 (Sept. 13), with two non-conference games to be scheduled.