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Memorial Stadium: Fans to See Numerous Different Game-Day Experience Upgrades

I actually like several of these but one most of all

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

As the first Nebraska football game of the season inches closer and closer, the Athletic Department sent out a press release itemizing the numerous game-day experience upgrades for those visiting Memorial Stadium on Saturday.

Lighting at Memorial Stadium

It has been a long time coming but they have replaced the original permanent lights (installed in 1999) with new LED lighting above the East and West Stadiums. Better wear your sunglasses at night.

The AD says “Not only do the lights provide a brighter playing field at Memorial Stadium, but they will also provide the opportunity for additional game presentation opportunities.”

Nebraska Tunnel Walk

My family has had season tickets in North Stadium since like 1962 so I have been caught under North Stadium during the tunnel walk numerous times.

However, the athletic department said that fans lining up under North Stadium during the tunnel walk should see will see new lighting and video features in the Tunnel Walk area.


So they’re talking about the fans that are down by where the players come out and not about the fans who get stuck at the bottelneck in North Stadium.

North Stadium Improvements

But wait...there’s more

“Nebraska fans in the North Stadium will find increased concessions and restrooms options on the upper concourse. The improvements increased the number of restrooms and concession windows available in the North Stadium by approximately 33 percent.”

Alleluia! They obviously read my article I posted in February about what I would do if I was King.

If you are in North Stadium and in row 67 then it actually take a good five minute walk (that is if there is nobody in your way) to get to the nearest bathroom.

Good on them. North Stadium is getting some love!

Husker Nation Pavilion

Remember when there used to be kids running around on the track right outside North Stadium?

South Stadium people: “Huh? No we would never associate with North Stadium people.”

North Stadium people: “Is that a civil war reference?”

South Stadium people: “On guard!”

Well it looks like all that fun is coming back:

“The Husker Nation Pavilion will return to its original location on the Ed Weir Track, and as always is free to the public. The primary entrance to the Husker Nation Pavilion will be on the South side of Ed Weir Stadium near the columns.

The Husker Nation Pavilion features various forms of family fun and games for kids of all ages. Inflatable games (weather permitting) will be a regular feature, including an obstacle course, quarterback toss, hoops tic-tac-toe, hoops hotshot, and baseball toss. Face painting will also be available.

Fans may sit in the Ed Weir Track and Field Stadium and have the opportunity to meet friends before the game or watch a game on the Ed Weir video board. Throughout the day, the video board will show other games of interest from around the country.

For the season opener against Akron on Saturday, the HNP will open five hours prior to kickoff at 2 p.m. For the remainder of the season, the Pavilion will open three hours before kickoff.”

IMG Husker Sports Network Pre-Game Show

Also the IMG Husker Sports Network pre-game show will be returning to the Pavillion. It will be located in the SE corner near the Coliseum.

“Husker Sports Network personalities and guests will be on site for the pre-game show up until one hour before kickoff.”

Unity Walk

Didn’t Bo Pelini start this? Well it does have the word “Unity” in it so Scott Frost is probably a fan.

I have never personally be there for the Unity Walk. Is it pretty cool? Do the players like it?

“The Nebraska football team will arrive at Memorial Stadium a little more than two hours before home games (approximately 4:50-4:55 p.m. this Saturday) and fans are encouraged to welcome the team to the stadium. The team will arrive on the East side of Memorial Stadium and enter the stadium at Gate 20.”

Osborne Athletic Complex Lobby

Expect to see a bunch of pictures of trophies on facebook on Saturday. I actually might have to check this out.


“The Osborne Athletic Complex lobby will once again open four hours before kickoff and remain open until one hour before kickoff.

Fans will see a remodeled Osborne Complex lobby that includes more prominent displays for Nebraska’s five national championship trophies, three Heisman trophies and other major national awards.”


At 11 a.m. on Nov. 11, 2018, the world will mark the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended the hostilities of World War I. To commemorate this event, Memorial Stadium has designated a special POW/MIA chair.

Each game this season, a decorated veteran of U.S. military service will take his or her post next to this unoccupied chair in honor of the more than 800 Nebraskans lost in combat, but whose fate remains “UNKNOWN.” The chair is located in North Memorial Stadium Section 33, Row 18.

Nebraska will salute all Veteran’s and active military at the Nov. 10 football vs. Illinois when there will be special recognition for the 100th anniversary.

Well this is very cool.

Commercial Break Clocks

This might be my favorite upgrade and it was so simple. How come it took so long? I still think they should figure out a way to show other games during the breaks instead of the University infomercials.

A clock showing the time remaining in each media break will now be visible in Memorial Stadium. The new feature will allow fans to know when game action will resume on the field.

Husker App

Do you want an app that includes free audio of the Husker Sports network game-day broadcast, as well as live stats?

Do you want to receive notifications with score updates and other important information?

Do you want a map of Nebraska’s athletic facilities with parking, gate and concession information?

Well lucky, you there is an App for that.

“Nebraska Athletics debuted a new Husker App for mobile devices earlier this month, which is designed to assist Husker fans on game day at all NU athletic venues.”


“For the second year in Memorial Stadium all play descriptions, scoring, player information, referee and penalty announcements, in-game promotions, entertainment action, advertising videos, emergency messaging, and post-game messages will be transcribed.

“The information will be distributed to all fans via Twitter at @HuskerCaption. Twitter service is available to every fan regardless of where their seats were located or where they were positioned in the stadium at any time. Fans who do not have devices enabled to access Twitter may check out iPads at the East and West Stadium Guest Services.

“Fans interested in participating in a focus group for the first three games using the Husker Caption service, please contact Chris Anderson at”


“New this season the recommended fan drop-off and pickup location is 12th and R streets. Fan drop-off attempts around the stadium are prohibited.

Uber, Lyft and taxi drop-offs and pick-ups will be at 14th and Vine streets.

“Fans are reminded that Memorial Stadium and all ticketed Husker sports venues have a Clear Bag Policy. Full details on that policy are available at

“For additional information on 2018 Memorial Stadium policies fans can visit

For complete information from the City of Lincoln on game-day traffic, transit and parking options and other important information, fans can visit”