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Nebraska County Countdown: #3 Gage County


This courthouse might be #1. It looks like a church. And I like churches. 9/10.

Gage County was established in 1955 and was named in honor of Rev. William D. Gage who was the first Methodist Pastor in Nebraska and Chaplain of the First Territorial Legislature.

Homestead National Monument

In the early 1900s, many in this state urged Congress to create a national park site on Daniel Freeman’s homestead. Daniel Freeman was among the first to file a claim to 160 acres of free land offered by the Homestead Act of 1862. Freeman was a Union soldier during the Civil War.

The Homestead Act of 1862 brought tens of thousands of settlers to the Great Plains. This is because millions of acres of public land became available and the law granted 160 acres of free land to individuals who agreed to cultivate the land for five years.

It was the first law to invite immigrants to the United States and provide a path to citizenship. It also provided for former slaves and women the opportunity to pursue their dream of owning land.

Homesteading spanned 123 years and resulted in the transformation of more than 270 million acres of land across the country.

In regards to Nebraska, homesteaders ended up claiming 45% of the state’s land. It was the highest percentage among the other 29 homestead states.

The following are Nebraskans who are descended from homesteaders: author Willa Cather, former gubernatorial candidate Tom Osborne, actress Marg Helgenberg, aviation pioneer Evelyn Sharp and former Agriculture Secretary Clayton Yuetter.

Palmer-Epard Cabin

The Palmer-Epard Cabin which sits at the Homestead National Monument and has weathered winters for over 140 years. White oak, red oak, hackberry, ash, locust, walnut and elm wood have been identified among the longs.

Geez, couldn’t they just stick with one type? Come on!


The Village Board of Pickrell, which was incorporated in 1913, granted a liquor license in its first action.

Dairy Dairy Dairy

Beatrice Creamery Co., which started in 1894 shipped dairy products all across the country. In 1913 the headquarters moved to Chicago and changed it’s name to Beatrice Foods in 1946. The company has had the Meadow Gold brand since the 1890s.


Cities: Beatrice, Blue Springs and Wymore

Villages: Adams, Barneston, Clatonia, Cortland, Filley, Liberty, Odell, Pickrell and Virginia

Census-Designated Place: Holmesville

Unincorporated Communities: Ellis, Hoag, Krider, Lanham and Rockford


Husker Stuff

Great Huskers to Wear #3: Matt Davison (LUCK), Taylor Martinez (FAST), Eric Warfield (DB), Keyuo Craver (DB),

Notables to Wear #3: Ricky Thenarse (DB), Fabian Washington (DB),

Current Huskers Wearing #3: Will Honas (LB)