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Transfers, Blackshirts, and True Freshmen Starters Walking Through Fire

It was defensive coordinator Eric Chinander’s turn to talk today. He talked a fair amount about what to expect from this week’s starting defense in terms of who will be on the field.

They will not be handing out Blackshirts prior to the Akron game.

Chinander mentioned a couple reasons for not handing them out. He talked about the “OR’s” on the depth chart, for example, the inside linebacker positions both list Dedrick Young -OR- Collin Miller and Mohamed Berry -OR- Will Honas as starters. Those positions still need to be worked out.

He also said that the last time the defense was on the field (during a game) that they didn’t look like Blackshirts and they had some proving to do before they’d get their jerseys.

Both Braxton Clark and Cam Taylor are true freshman cornerbacks listed as second team on the two-deep released earlier this week.

I can understand his dilemma, but at the same time that’s why Scott Frost gets paid the big bucks. Note that Frost was talking on the Big Ten Conference call this week.

Frost on Gebbia’s transfer request in more detail:

Apparently getting Noah Vedral eligible is now back on the table: