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Nebraska Football Monday Press Conference: Gebbia Not At Practice. Reportedly Has Asked For Release

Also Martinez drives a scooter. Do you trust a quarterback that drives a scooter?

Arkansas State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

The big news out of practice today is that while Gebbia appeared to take the news of losing the headline quarterback battle to Adrian Martinez, Coach Frost is now not certain the status for Tristan Gebbia as Tristan was not at practice today.

The status for Gebbia is yet to be determined.

Frost said on Monday that, “Tristan has been a good kid and a good teammate and I hope he’s here at the end of the day.”

Prior to speaking to Frost, the new starting quarterback, Adrian Martinez had this to say about Gebbia:

“It’s tough because it could have gone either way. Obviously I would be very disappointed if it were vice versa. I think we had that sympathy for each other. He congratulated me and I think we’re two men and we competed very hard and we understand both sides of it and we’ll continue to have that friendship.”

Before hating on Gebbia lets see how it all plays out. The guy probably has the expectation of wanting to play in the NFL someday and in order to do that you need to play. While I agree that he is one snap from playing, he wants to go somewhere to start. I’m typing this article this comes out....well this escalated quite quickly

Well if he ends up leaving then I wish him good luck.

Other Practice Notes:

Travel Numbers for Conference Games:

Frost said that this morning they learned that the number of players that are able to travel increased from 70 to 74. This change likely is a result of the new redshirt rule which allows players to play four games without losing a year of eligibility.

Team Captains?

One of the most common reactions after the release of the depth chart was where was Breon Dixon?

The the quarterback race close? Or what made the difference?

In regards to the starting place kicker for Nebraska.

“What about all the haters Coach Frost?”

What about the Blackshirts? Finally somebody asked the most important question of all!

What about conditioning?

And finally the Omaha World-Herald sports writers are in mid-season form: