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CN Roundtable: What Did You Notice About the Football Depth Chart?

Let’s hope this staff can work some magic with the defense or the Huskers will have to score a lot of points to win games.

Purdue v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

The long-awaited depth chart was released today. We already highlighted the quarterback decision. What other nuggets, surprises, and position battles stuck out to the CN staff? Find out below.

Offensive Depth Chart

Offensive Depth Chart vs Akron

Position Starter Second Team
Position Starter Second Team
WR Stanley Morgan Jr. 6-1 200 Sr. Bryan Reimers 6-5 220 Sr. -OR- Jaron Woodyard 5-9 190 Jr.
LT Brenden Jaimes 6-6 300 So. Christian Gaylord 6-6 310 Jr.
LG Jerald Foster 6-3 335 Sr. John Raridon 6-4 320 So.
C Cole Conrad 6-5 320 Sr. Hunter Miller 6-4 325 RFr.
RG Tanner Farmer 6-4 325 Sr. Boe Wilson 6-3 305 So.
RT Matt Farniok 6-6 330 So. Matt Sichterman 6-4 310 RFr.
TE Jack Stoll 6-4 260 So. Austin Allen 6-8 245 RFr. -OR- Kurt Rafdal 6-7 250 RFr.
WR Mike Williams 5-10 185 Jr. Andre Hunt 6-0 190 Fr.
WR JD Spielman 5-9 185 So. Tyjon Lindsey 5-9 200 So.
QB Adrian Martinez 6-2 220 Fr. Tristan Gebbia 6-2 195 RFr.
RB Greg Bell 6-0 205 Jr. -OR- Devine Ozigbo 6-0 235 Sr. Maurice Washington 6-1 190 Fr. -OR- Miles Jones 5-8 175 Fr.

Defensive Depth Chart

Defensive Depth Chart 2018 Week 1 vs Akron

Position Starter Second Team
Position Starter Second Team
DE Freedom Akinmoladun 6-4 295 Sr. Grandview, Mo. Khalil Davis 6-2 310 Jr. Blue Springs, Mo. -OR- Deontre Thomas 6-3 290 So. Mustang, Okla.
NG Mick Soltenberg 6-5 315 Sr. Gretna, Neb. Peyton Newell 6-3 300 Sr. Hiawatha, Kan. -OR- Damion Daniels 6-3 340 RFr. Dallas, Texas
DE Ben Stille 6-5 290 So. Ashland, Neb. -OR- Carlos Davis 6-2 325 Jr. Blue Springs, Mo. DaiShon Neal 6-7 310 Jr. Houston, Texas
OLB Tyrin Ferguson 6-2 230 Jr. New Orleans, La. Alex Davis 6-5 255 Jr. Riviera Beach, Fla.
ILB Dedrick Young II 6-1 245 Sr. Peoria, Ariz. -OR- Collin Miller 6-3 245 So. Fishers, Ind.
ILB Mohamed Barry 6-1 230 Jr. Grayson, Ga. -OR- Will Honas 6-1 235 Jr. Wichita, Kan.
OLB Luke Gifford 6-4 245 Sr. Lincoln, Neb. Caleb Tannor 6-2 210 Fr. Stone Mountain, Ga.
CB Lamar Jackson 6-3 215 Jr. Elk Grove, Calif. Braxton Clark 6-4 200 Fr. Orlando, Fla.
S Antonio Reed 6-2 215 Sr. Memphis, Tenn. -OR- Deontai Williams 6-1 200 So. Jacksonville, Fla. Aaron Williams 5-11 190 Sr. Atlanta, Ga.
S Tre Neal 6-1 215 Sr. Atlanta, Ga. JoJo Domann 6-1 225 So. Colorado Springs, Colo. -OR- Marquel Dismuke 6-2 200 So. Compton, Calif.
CB Dicaprio Bootle 5-10 190 So. Miami, Fla. Cam Taylor 6-0 205 Fr. Montgomery, Ala.

Special Teams

Special Teams Depth Chart Week 1 vs Akron

Position Starter Second Team Third Team
Position Starter Second Team Third Team
PK Barret Pickering 6-0 195 Fr. Birmingham, Ala. Cole Frahm 6-6 235 RFr. Omaha, Neb.
P Caleb Lightbourn 6-3 250 Jr. Washougal, Wash. Isaac Armstrong 5-11 205 Jr. Lincoln, Neb.
LS Jordan Ober 6-1 225 Jr. Las Vegas, Nev. Chase Urbach 6-3 210 Jr. Grosse Pointe, Mich.
HO Isaac Armstrong 5-11 205 Jr. Lincoln, Neb. Caleb Lightbourn 6-3 250 Jr. Washougal, Wash.
KR JD Spielman 5-9 185 So. Eden Prairie, Minn. Jaron Woodyard 5-9 190 Jr. Gaithersburg, Md. Maurice Washington 6-1 190 Fr. Stockton, Calif.
PR Tyjon Lindsey 5-9 200 So. Corona, Calif. JD Spielman 5-9 185 So. Eden Prairie, Minn. Stanley Morgan Jr. 6-1 200 Sr. New Orleans, La.

Jill: The offense looks to have some potential for explosive plays. There are a lot of unknowns, namely a young QB and offensive line that will be a lot of the “same old same old” from last season. Let’s hope Zach Duval has made progress with the lineman. I’m happy to hear about how the line has shown a lot of leadership for the offense in the transition. Now we need to see them push a few opponents around on the field.

It also appears that Mikale Wilbon and Devine Ozigbo went two different directions when challenged by the new talent in the room. Ziggy got himself in shape and absorbed the play book. Wilbon apparently did not.

As far as the defense, I’m hopeful they will be improved against the run but I don’t have high expectations in the passing game. I’m still not sure where a pass rush will come from and the depth at corner has me concerned. You need to lockdown receivers or generate a pass rush, preferably both, to wreak havoc against the pass. I’m not sure Nebraska has either right now, but we haven’t exactly been treated to stellar defensive schemes for a few years, so I hope we’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Uglydog56: Devine Ozigbo is much higher than I expected. He has never set the world on fire. Hopefully he finally breaks out. I’m super sad about Tre Bryant. As far as QB, I was Team Tristan. Oh, well. I was hoping that one of the younger linemen would be good enough to move Tanner Farmer to center, but that didn’t pan out.

No Breon Dixon on defense? Maybe he’s going to be the nickel? I was also disappointed to see the same old cornerbacks, and the same old linemen. Luke Gifford’s return has me excited, however! He was missed after his injury last season. This is going to be a longer rebuild than people are thinking. Perhaps it will be ugly before it’s pretty.

Reading this back it all seems so downer. I’m optimistic, really! I’m just optimistic for 7-5.

Jon: I have to admit that I am somewhat disappointed that Tristan Gebbia did not get anointed as our starting quarterback. This must mean that Adrian Martinez will be the greatest quarterback in Nebraska history by the time he's done. Our offense looks like it has a lot of firepower. I don't think there's anything really shocking on offense except that Mike Williams is a starting receiver and Cole Conrad is the starting center. I hope Conrad does a good job so that Tanner Farmer can stay at right guard.

I don't have a lot of faith in our defense. It's the same group of guys upfront that got ran over repeatedly last season. It's the same group of guys, mostly, all around. Tre Neal, Will Honas, and Deontai Williams are three additions who made it into the two deep. I know I should drink more Kool-Aid, that as I've said repeatedly, I am in full "show me" mode and that especially applies to the defense.

Nate M: I was 51% Team Tristan so when it was announced I was 1% disappointed. I think both are going to get a chance to show us something this season. Who knows which either will look like when the green jerseys are off. That could be a big difference.

Regarding other depth chart stuff it looks like we have 4 starting ILB on the team. The coaching staff mentioned a hockey style line change for the defense so that’s probably part of it.

Saw that Dedrick Young is leading the team in starts. The fact that he has started that many games does say something about the senior. I hope he’s been held back by scheme and maybe finally in his senior season he will show us a different level. Pulling for him.

Mike: Frequent readers know I’ve been a fan of Mikale Wilbon, so I’m naturally disappointed he’s no where to be found. But I also don’t see the Duck-R listed, so maybe we’ll see him show up later.

Frankly, Frost’s offense is so completely different from Mike Riley’s mess that I’d rather not draw too many conclusions from a depth chart. I’m just interested in seeing the whole offense unveil for real.

That also applies to the defense. I’m not sure anybody left in Lincoln - fans and players alike - understood what Bob Diaco was trying to accomplish last season. So let’s just move on.

And please, I’m begging you; if the Blackshirts don’t appear this week, let’s give the players and the new staff some breathing room to award them before firing off some hot takes.

Andy: My quick thoughts:

I swear I’m not trying to say, “I told you so,” and I was starting to have a few doubts when the staff started sounding off a little that Gebbia was making fewer mistakes, but two things stood out to me at QB: 1) Martinez seemed to be the QB of the future when recruited and in again in the spring. If they’re both freshmen and you truly feel that way, then why give the other guy all the experience? 2) I thought Martinez clearly had the better performance in the spring game. Gebbia may have had the edge in fewer errors, but Martinez appears to be the guy who can turn mistakes into 20 yard gains.

The absence of Breon Dixon is baffling to me as well. I thought he was a shoo-in for the two-deep.

Like Mike, I have always been a Wilbon fan and thought him horribly misused by Riley. However, I started having doubts for this season when he appeared either overweight or overmuscled in the spring. Can’t help but wonder if he’d be part of the transfer exodus if he wasn’t a senior. Not surprised by Ozigbo, however, as they have been singing his praises since spring.

The lack of chnge on the D-line has me hoping that someone has turned their technique around. I know Stoltenberg is a local guy but he’s spent the last two years being stood up and outright pancaked at times. They need desparately to start reclaiming the middle.


Those are our “hot taeks” on the depth chart. Add you thoughts in the comments!