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Nebraska Football Practice Report: Tre Bryant Leaving the Team, No Starting Quarterback Named

Bad news about Bryant, and did you really expect an announcement about the quarterback?

Arkansas State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

There was big news today, but it wasn’t what everyone expected.


This will keep everyone hanging through the weekend.

Running back Tre Bryant is leaving the team due to injuries. Bryant is a junior from St. Louis, MO, and showed promise in 2017, but experienced a knee injury after only two games.

You have to feel bad for the kid. He’s extremely talented, just couldn’t stay healthy. We wish Bryant the best of luck.

Regarding the Quarterback Announcement that Never Was

Frost asked about parallels between Martinez-Gebbia and Frazier-Berringer. “I don’t think Tommie and Brook were best friends...the guys in our room are friends.”

Senior wide receiver Bryan Reimers, junior running back Wyatt Mazour, and junior inside linebacker Jacob Weinmaster earned scholarships. Congratulations, gentlemen!

Frost on the new scholarship athletes. “They exemplify the walk-on program. They all came here, especially Jacob paying out of state tuition, and worked for a spot.”

Update on Dominic Watt - “It looks like he’s gonna go to jr. college.” The staff plans to stay in contact with him. “We recruited him for a reason and we’re going to stick with him.”

Also... linebacker Sedrick King is gone.

It’s pretty clear that Frost is “processing” a fair amount of players out of his system. Quickly. The good news is that there will be much more room much faster for the guys he wants.

That’s a lot of stuff out of a Friday practice report. I am not sure why we constantly expect Frost to name a starting quarterback.