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Frosted Flakes: Team Tristan vs Team Adrian - Who You Got?

A new Husker bar in LA! Mike Rozier in Minnesota! And then there’s Urban Meyer

I’m on Team Tristan!
Jon Johnston

There is supposed to be a situational scrimmage today at Nebraska’s football practice. The implication is that Scott Frost will name a starting quarterback soon because a few months ago he said he that would happen a week before the first game of the season against Akron. It’s about that time.

I’m all for him keeping the suspense drawn out until the start of the season. It gives us a while so we can keep making ridiculous arguments regarding whether Tristan Gebbia or Adrian Martinez as our starting quarterback with no more information to go on and what’s come out of fall practice and the spring game. Either way, it appears to be an exciting time for new offense of Nebraska.

If you haven’t yet, you need to pick a side.

Team Tristan or Team Adrian.

I’m on Team Tristan. I’m on Team Tristan because we have the best receiving corps in the conference. I want this offense to score points, huge bundles of points at an insanely rapid rate. To me that is a passing offense. I want to see a pass-first quarterback at Nebraska succeed because I believe this is how we’ll score massive points quickly. Distribute the ball so widely the enemy never knows what’s hitting them, and pass to set up the run. You will have a much more prolific offense than if you’re just running the ball 65% of the time. The days of Nebraska bludgeoning their opponents into submission is gone and it’s not coming back.

If I were completely honest… I’d admit that I’d like to see us throw the ball just to create an inner conflict within those fans who believe we must run the ball most of the time to be successful. I want to see brains explode on TV as some dude in the stands tries to resolve “We must run the ball. It’s so cold in November, and that north wind comes down into Memorial Stadium and players freeze into statues. And... eeeggaadddd” as Team Tristan throws for 485 yards, scoring eight passing touchdowns to beat Michigan State 59-48.

Team Tristan will get the job done.

We can bring Team Adrian in on short yardage and goal line situations. Everyone knows on 3rd and 2 you have to run the ball. It’s Nebraska state law. If you break that law thousands upon thousands of people call into radio shows, even those that aren’t about sports, expressing their dismay no matter who the coach is (even Scott Frost?). This is doubly so true if it’s a Nebraska loss.

Or maybe we just throw the ball on 3rd and 2, knowing that we’re not punting on fourth anyway, so that Team Tristan can run up a 30-point lead and then let Team Adrian come in to run the clock and the game out. That’s my favorite perspective on the matter.

I am in favor of watching both quarterbacks play a lot, especially through the early part of the season or at least until there is a clear separation between them. It seems to me quarterbacks are very breakable objects. This is especially true if you’re on Team Adrian and you want your guy to run the ball a lot. It will take some time for a quarterback to learn the decision-making skills required to go fast, and watching us try to play a backup quarterback who hadn’t seen much field time over the past few years has worn very thin.

I realize most of you will pick Team Adrian. You can’t help yourselves. Our beloved Huskers have been successful with running quarterbacks in the past and you are so completely tied to the past you cannot break free. There’s also the “new guy” factor in that Adrian Martinez has only recently shown up to the Nebraska campus. Everyone loves a new guy, especially when he’s a quarterback.

Team Tristan vs Team Adrian.

Who you got, Husker fans?

New Husker Site in Los Angeles

Ryan Tweedy of the Big Red Cobcast sent me this message recently:

I’m starting a new Husker bar. Off Melrose and Poinsettia in Hollywood. Here’s the new spot.

The Darkroom
7302 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA

They’re VERY excited to have us.

All draft beers and Husker drinks Red Beer and The Frost Effect - $5

Mimosas and bloody marys- $6

New food special every week. It’s time for a new era of Husker football fandom in LA babyyyy!!!

Minnesotans for Nebraska Golf Outing with Mike Rozier!

The annual MN4NE Golf Outing is next Monday. Special guest speaker will be Mike Rozier!

If you want to attend, go here to the web site. If you want to golf, it’s $85. If you want to show up for social and dinner, it’s $35. I hope to be there. I might have a conflict with a customer, but I certainly hope not. You don’t care. Get out there and hear Mike Rozier.

Then There’s This Thing With Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer was suspended for three games by Ohio State. He can return to the team September 2nd, but won’t be allowed to coach the first three games of the season. Athletic Director Gene Smith was suspended too, from August 31-September 16, but nobody cares about him.

Urban Meyer suspended for Ohio State’s first three games of 2018 -
Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer has been suspended for the first three games of the Buckeyes’ 2018 season, the school announced on Wednesday evening. The university also suspended athletic director Gene Smith for 17 days, a period that will keep Smith away from the athletic department for about as long as Meyer — through Week 3 of football season.

Ohio State’s Urban Meyer, Gene Smith answer questions following suspension announcement - Land-Grant Holy Land
Urban Meyer admits that he is disappointed in how he handled the entire situation.

OSU Investigation Report: Urban Meyer, Gene Smith “failed to take sufficient management action relating to Zach Smith’s misconduct” - Land-Grant Holy Land
Meyer will not be able to coach the first three games of the season; Smith will be suspended from Aug. 31-Sept. 16.

To Sum It Up

Meyer was asked what he’d say to alleged abuse victim Courtney Smith...

Urbz had heart problems at Florida. Now he has brain/memory issues at Ohio State. It’s amazing he can function. That Urban Meyer is some kind of superhero dude for fighting his way through all these ailments and still coaching a championship football team.

And then you have this comment from Zach Smith’s lawyer, approved by Zach Smith:

And more from Brett McMurphy, who Ohio State fans swear has a personal grudge against Urban Meyer, and Ohio State, and the state of Ohio and Buckeyes, apparently. The amount of vindictive crap thrown at McMurphy has been amazing.

And from an Ohio State guy whose knees must be really sore by now you get this splendid piece of defense. Dave here is Editor of Bucknuts on 247Sports/CBS network. Yay for Dave.

And Finally... A Request

We are very close to football season. Technically, there are games this coming weekend.

Since that’s the case, I would like to request that you all stop with the discussion of politics in the comments section. There’s enough other news with getting into the same stuff we cannot escape everywhere else. You’ve all done a decent job being civil, but I would like it if new people who want to discuss this year’s Husker team feel like they can do that without having to get involved in a political discussion.

Thank you!


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