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Nebraska Football Practice Report: A Sluggish Day for the Offense

Troy Walters talked to the media about the progress of the offense today. Quarterbacks were not mentioned (yes they were)

Arizona Cardinals vs Oakland Raiders - October 22, 2006
The only pictures I could find of Troy Walters were from his NFL playing days.
Photo by Robert B. Stanton/NFLPhotoLibrary

Nebraska offensive coordinator Troy Walters drew the media assignment after practice today. As with my previous practice reports, this was typing in real time as I listened to Coach. Even items surrounded by quotes are my best paraphrase and not an exact quote.

He indicated that practice was a bit flat today and “we let them know that...we’ve gotta play at championship standards and we didn’t do that today”

Quarterback question

A decision on the starting quarterback hasn’t been made. When asked what will be the deciding factor, Coach Walters gave the same answer we’ve been hearing since the spring. “It will be the one that gives us the best chance to win games...whoever can take leadership and run the offense and not only make plays with their legs but also their arm [emphasis mine] and also protect the football...and really, the other one has to be ready.”

To me that was a bit of an unintended nod toward Gebbia, but I really don’t care who starts. I trust this staff to pick the right guy.

Asked about freshman receiver Andre Hunt:

On intensity and competition from practice carrying over to games. “With the schedule we play, if you come out flat on Saturday, any given Saturday, it’s gonna be a long day.”

When asked how to make that translate: “It comes down to leaders holding people accountable and everybody understanding that job is important...if 10 guys do their jobs and 1 doesn’t, the offense doesn’t work.

When asked if Hunt was a purely “outside” guy, Walters said the receivers need to learn every position. Even Stanley Morgan could see some time in the slot rather than just on the outside

Asked about Tre Bryant. “We’re continuing to monitor his health, I think he’s battling a little ankle right now, but he’s come a long ways. We didn’t know if we were going to have him after spring...we’re going to be rotating running backs and keep them fresh.”

When asked about rotating the backs. “That’s how we practice. We practice with a lot of guys rotating in. The 1’s, 2’s, even 3’s. I think the way we practice makes game day a lot easier and we’re confident in the guys we have.”

Called out Jerald Foster and rest of the offensive line as leaders. “We’ve got great leaders up front, Jerald, Tanner, not just the offensive line, but the offense.”

“Since spring, we’ve built depth across the board. The competition is better. The DB’s are making the receivers better. The receivers are making the DBs better. LBs are making the running backs better....”