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Scott Frost Fall Practice Conference Presser

Press Were Conferenced; Conferences were Pressed

AAC Championship - Memphis v Central Florida Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Today was the day for football players to report to fall camp! Football season is here!!!!!!

Coach Frost gave a press conference to open the season. Here are the highlights:

My favorite quote:

“Off-season momentum is for newspapers and fans on websites.”


“We’re going to be at about 109. We’re still waiting on Dom [Dominick Watt].

Mikale [Wilbon]’s going to be in camp.”


“Fall practice will be more intense than spring. I don’t feel spring was always 100%. We don’t have time for that.”

Offensive line:

“I’ve seen him (Austin) take a group that underperformed and make them into a dominant group before. Depth may be a factor there.”


“We’ll make a decision on how we’re going to approach that as the first game comes up.”

Strength Staff:

“We treat them like full time assistant coaches. They had a lot of input into who made the 110.”

Quarterbacks competition:

“Have you ever played Monopoly? Everybody’s on Go right now.”

Rebuilding year? What’s a rebuilding year?

“If we have anybody going into the season thinking it’s going to be a rebuilding year, it’s not going to accomplish as much as if we go in with the idea of attacking it. We’re not looking past this year. We’re looking at today.”


“There are several that are going to get an opportunity. I can’t tell you the number right now.”

Don’t ask stupid questions:

Gave a reporter guff about a question regarding remembering names of players: “Well, when you’re around them all day every day, you get to know them. But if you don’t, they have these things on jerseys called ‘numbers’ on the front and back, and they’ll help you.”

On the Urban Meyer fiasco:

“It’s not my place to comment on what happens at another university. I just hope everyone affected ends up in a good place.”

Tanner Farmer looks like he could kill you by flexing his bicep:

“I’ve been working a lot at center. It’s about 50/50 right now. They told me to be ready to play center, but don’t forget how to play guard.”

“Last year we didn’t do back squatting, we really only front squatted. Last year I front squatted about 500 lbs. When I first came here, I had a goal to squat 700lbs. Now I’m at almost 800. I’m going to set a new goal, maybe 1000lbs. I don’t set realistic goals. What’s the point of setting a goal if it’s too realistic?”

Luke Gifford:

“This isn’t a rebuilding year. We’re going to attack every practice, every game like we attacked the weight room this summer.”

“There’s going to be a lot of pads popping, that’s for sure.”


On the practice schedule:

“I’ve heard I need to be ready for the warm-up, because that may be the hardest part.”

Devine Ozigbo:

“We’re going to be the strongest, most physical, fastest team on the field.”

Well I’m ready to run through a wall! Who’s with me????? GBR!!!