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Nebraska County Countdown: #30 Clay County

Probably a favorite for hunters

The Clay County Courthouse looks like a government building in Washington, D.C. that nobody knows about. What exactly is going on in there? Do they know who killed Kennedy?


Established in 1855 and named after Henry Clay who was a statesman from Kentucky who was the Secretary of State at the time when John Quincy Adams was the President of THESE United States of America.


On January 4th, 1809 Henry Clay and another politician from Kentucky (Humphrey Marshall) verbally fought on the Kentucky Assembly floor and Clay challenged Marshall to a duel. Duels at the time were a method of settling disputes of honor. While at that time most of the duels would be called off, both Henry Clay and Marshall were planning on killing the other.

So it happened.

So blood would not be spilled on Kentucky soil they had the duel in Indiana. Which is kind of funny.

Both ended up getting shot. Both survived. If Scott Frost would have been in the place of Clay we all know what would have happened...

Between 1870-1880 the population of Clay County rose by a measly 20,814.8%. Weak sauce.

The highest population mark was in 1890 where the population of Clay County rose all the way to 16,310.

In 2010 the population was standing at a consistent 6,542.

The county seat is Clay Center.

“Clay County is the heart of the Rainwater Basin in south-central Nebraska. It is a a landscape of lakes, marshes and other wetlands scattered amid flat or gently rolling plains. Millions of migrating ducks, geese, shorebird and other waterbird funnel into the Rainwater Basin to rest and feed each spring on the way to northern breeding grounds.”

“In that part of the state there were, at one time, over 4,000 individual wetlands before the landscape was converted to irrigated production of corn, soybeans and other row crows. More than 90% of the wetlands eventually disappeared when the land was drained for use in agriculture. Since the early 1990s, a coalition of government agencies, non-profits and farmers have dedicated themselves to restoring and managing the wetlands.”

Spring Ranch Cemetery

The Village of Spring Ranch once has a population of 100, but now merely remains a lonely cemetery. There is well known story from Spring Ranch.

Tom Jones and Elizabeth Taylor (brother and sister) were accused of barn burning and murdering a neighbor. The people in that town were outraged and distributed their own brand of justice by hanging both Tom and Elizabeth from a bridge on the Little Blue River without a trial.


Cities: Clay Center, Edgar, Fairfield, Harvard and Sutton

Villages: Deweese, Glenvil, Ong, Saronville and Trumbull

Census-designated place: Inland

Unincorporated Communities: Eldorado and Verona

El Mapo

Husker Stuff

Husker Greats to wear #30: Mike Rozier, Ahman Green, Marv Mueller, Paul Rogers and Bill Thornton

Notables to wear #30: Dahrran Diedrick

Current Husker wearing #30: Bo Kitrell (TE) and Wyatt Leiwer (WR) and Quayshon Alexander (LB)