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Nebraska Football: Everything You Need to Know for Fan Day

You aren’t in line for Scott Frost’s autograph already? Sorry about your luck.

Greatest Fans Gate

Saturday, August 18 is Nebraska Football Fan Day!

From 6:30-8:30 p.m. fans have the chance to meet and greet the Nebraska football players, coaches and staff. The autograph lines get long and strategic fans divide and conquer by sending different people to different lines.

All players will be seated on the field near the West sideline, with lines running across the field from East to West. Assistant coaches will be seated with their respective position groups.

Coach Frost will be located inside the Osborne Athletic Complex near the weight room. The line for Coach Frost will form on the East apron of Memorial Stadium before entering the North Stadium. Once fans have made it through Coach Frost’s line, they will return to the field through the game-day tunnel walk path. Tom Osborne field ain’t large enough to hold Scott Frost’s fans y’all!

Detailed map here.

Staff will be stationed near the end of each line to direct traffic. Event staff members at the end of long lines will also do their best to advise fans on whether or not they will make it through a line during the Fan Day time window.

Fans will be able to enter Memorial Stadium through Gates 3 (SW) and 24 (SE) with gates opening at 6:30 p.m. Autograph cards with a full 2018 roster, a Coach Scott Frost card with a laser-printed signature and 2018 team posters and other items will be available.

Following the completion of Fan Day at 8:30 p.m., players and football staff will leave the field to continue their schedule for the day. Fans may exit through Gates 3, 11, 15 and 24.

Parking will be available in lots on campus around Memorial Stadium for the low low price of $5.

If any of you attend, report in the comments. Be sure to punch one of the o-lineman in the shoulder and ask them “Are you really lifting weights this year?” (No, don’t do that.) Also be sure to ask Scott Frost which quarterback is starting and reassure him you won’t tell anyone else. (Don’t do that either.)

If you are like me and will be unable to make the trek to One Memorial tomorrow, add to the list of things people shouldn’t do in the comments!