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Practice Report: Scott Frost Talks to Media - Friday, August 17th

Focus on the QB competition

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Frost started off by saying this scrimmage was better than the first one but it is still not where it needs to be. Which is expected. I doubt we will ever hear that the team is where it needs to be.

The quarterback race is down to a two-horse race. As we expected it Adrian Martinez and Tristan Gebbia are the two guys leading for the starting quarterback job. Coach Frost also said that Andrew Bunch had done a lot of good things but the other two have moved up.

The most important thing is “who operates our offensive most effectively.” Mentioned that Tristan is a good runner but his best advantage is his accuracy and arm strength and decision making in the passing game. Also said that Martinez is a good thrower but is such a talented and fast runner. These are obviously things we all know

Makes me think that they are looking for somebody to help steer the offense instead of being a play-maker.

Frost also added that sometimes whether a QB has the upper hand can also be out of the control of the QB.

When asked about trying out a two quarterback system he said that he was a quarterback and not being in there for half the time would really make him feel uncomfortable as a player. With that said, if there was a game today they would both play.

When asked about the running backs Frost said that things are starting to sort themselves out. He specifically singled out.....Ryan Held...for doing a good job at coaching that group. At this point they’d like to play 3-4 running backs in a game. Some are starting to separate themselves.

Frost was asked about putting a walk-on on scholarship. He actually took a break from his usual sober demeanor and you could tell that he genuinely was looking forward to that moment, whenever that happens. “We’ll see. I can’t wait to put my first walk-on on scholarship. It’s going to be a happy day for me.”

There were a number of former players at practice today and Steve Warren even talked to the team last night. Frost said the message is the same. That you are playing for more than yourself. You are playing for your teammates, coaches and all of the players that came before you.

He was asked about fan day toward the end and he said that every day in Nebraska is fan day. Mentioned going to buy diapers and running into fan.

So the important question that came out of post practice presser is...why is he going to buy diapers? If I was him I’d get that stuff delivered. But you never know I guess. There are certainly emergency situations. I’ve been there.

I’ve been there.