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Football Practice Report: 8-15-18 Twitter Reactions

Quick updates from Wednesday’s Practice

Photo via the Omaha World Herald at

Today’s practice was open to the media at 8:35 am and lasted roughly 20 minutes. It concluded at 10:35 am with offensive coordinator Troy Walters and other staff. Overall it was a good practice with the program getting a better idea of how this team is shaping up to start the upcoming season.

Below are some of the tweet from the practice:

First off, did you read the article from OWH on the “Intense New Warm Up” that Scott Frost implemented to the team this winter? Well, if you have a subscription you have an idea of what it might be. For those who are interested in what the warm up is then here you go. It looks about as exhausting as they make it out to be.

The running back stable seems to be pretty loaded going into this fall and here they are warming up.

After practice offensive coordinator Troy Walters and other offensive coaches was available for the media. Here he gives us a better idea of the quarterback situation at this point in the fall practice.

Seems like a lot of media showed up to take part of the festivities. Even everyone’s old favorite crazy uncle showed up in a yellow polo.

In regards to quarterback battle, it seems to be heating up and but it’s clearly a Martinez and Gebbia show behind center.

Tight ends, remember them?

Back to the running backs. I am sure the trio of Bell, Washington, and Ozigbo doesn’t surprise anyone. Well, maybe the order.

For those of you who are only interested in how the offensive line is doing then this might be a little bit if a wake up call. More work needs to be done in the trenches before the start of the season.

And if you scanned this entire article for one tweet with the takeaways from the day then...