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Nebraska County Countdown: #19 Richardson County

Head southeast and you’ll run right into it

This courthouse 4/10.

Richardson county was established in 1854 and was named in honor of W.A. Richardson who was the Territorial Governor of Nebraska before resigning to return to his home state of Illinois. He sponsored the Nebraska-Kansas Act.

That’s quite...the honor....

The population zenith of Richardson County was in 1930 when it rose to 19,826. In 2010, the population of Richardson County was 8,363.

BETTER THAN NORMAN ROCKWELL: Straight from the horse’s mouth

Has anybody ever heard of the artist by the name of Norman Rockwell? I assume most of you have. Did you also know that he didn’t live in Richardson County? Do you know who did?

John Falter.

Normal Rockwell called John Falter “America’s Most Gifted Illustrator.” In fact Jon Falter’s favorite Saturday Evening Post cover was a Christmas scene looking down Falls City’s main street. He was born in Plattsmouth (from the greatest county in the state) and moved to Falls City in 1916 where is father opened a clothing store. Falter produced 129 covers for the Post, which was more than any other illustrator except Norman Rockwell.


“On May 30, 1879, the “Irving, Kansas Tornado” passed through Richardson County. This tornado measured F4 on the Fujita scale, and had a damage path 800 yards (730 m) wide and 100 miles (160 km) long. Eighteen people were killed and sixty were injured in this tornado.”


Barada, Dawson, Falls City, Humboldt, Nim City, Preston, Rulo, Salem, Shubert, Stella, Straussville, and Verdon.

Husker Stuff

Husker Greats to Wear #19: Kyle Larson (P)

Other Notables to Wear #19: Jesse Kosch (P) and Morgan Gregory

Current Huskers Wearing #19: Marquel Dismuke (DB) and Mike Williams (WR)

What’d I miss?