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Nebraska Football Practice Report August 10

Coach Frost updates on a season-ending injury, on toughness, and (gasp) was asked about the quarterbacks.

NCAA Football: Big Ten Football Media Day Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

After practice wrapped up this morning, Coach Frost met with the media to answer questions.

Note: Where I have quotes, that is my best paraphrase of what Coach said. These aren’t exact quotes. I was typing in real time and didn’t go back to listen to the recording to get the exact quotes. So, don’t parse my words thinking they were exactly what Scott Frost said.

“The improvement from January to now is tremendous. We have a long way to go..”

He was also asked about the running backs, “We got some depth there. We’re getting to the point we got some home run hitters back there.” Coach mentioned Tre and Devine by name.

Quarterback Questions!

On QB’s: “We didn’t pick up where we left off in spring. The guys are doing a good job at times, but it has to be more consistent.”

When asked about the timetable for the quarterbacks, “We have a scrimmage coming up and we’ll adjust reps a little after that. There will be enough reps for everybody.”

When asked specifically about Adrian Martinez, “Adrian is great at times and other times, it looks like it’s moving too fast for him. That’s the case with every QB, especially in this scheme. I’d like to see him turn a corner and be more consistent.”

On how to do that - “It’s the classroom and on the field.”

On Mo Washington, “He’s better than I expected.”

When asked about others standing out. “Luke [Gifford] is another guy, I didn’t know what to expect...I’d says he’s exceeded my expectations too....he’s what you’re looking for.”

“Our guys are starting to hate the word “stretch”. It isn’t just laying on the ground...”

“Being tough is a mentality. Physically, we’re getting there. The rest of it’s gotta come mentally.”

On guys that are there (toughness), Stanley Morgan was the first name he mentioned, “But I want a whole team of guys that are there.”

Coach Frost, on depth and where they need someone to step up...he mentioned offensive tackle. Feels good about the starters but wants some guys behind them to reach a point that they can trust to put them in a game.

When asked about two guys that weren’t in camp:

Quayshon Alexander won’t play this season - he has an injury.”

Sedrick King is dealing with some personal stuff. Don’t know if we’ll have him yet.”