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Nebraska County Countdown: #54 Pawnee County

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The fire heard around the county

We are currently 54 days with football. So we will commemorate such a great day by reviewing our next county in Nebraska. Pawnee County.

Named after the Pawnee Native American Indian Tribe, the Pawnee County seat is creatively named Pawnee City. I assume Pawnee County gave the idea to the state of New Mexico that you really do not have to be super creative in picking your “capitol.”

Pawnee County was established in 1854. That was the same year as the Nebraska-Kansas Act. The Nebraska-Kansas act was passed to enshrine the superiority of the Nebraska football team over the Kansas football team. Or something like that.

Below is a map:

Fire Heard Around the County

Nebraska’s earliest towns generally had their commercial buildings constructed of wood. This was a mistake felt by many. Shortly after midnight on August 8th, 1881 a fire started less than a block from the courthouse in Pawnee City. In less than three hours, two-thirds of the commercial district was destroyed. 26 businesses were lost.

Notable People from Pawnee County:

  • Larry the Cable Guy: The inventor of the flying whistling whammie bammie.
  • Harold Clayton Lloyd Sr.: Was a silent comedic actor. Supposedly he ranks alongside Charlie Chaplin and buster Keaton as the most popular and influential film comedians of the silent film era. Anytime you are in the conversation with Charlie Chaplin, you must be a big deal.
  • Major General Charles Corlett: Commanded troops in both the Pacific and European theaters during World War 2
  • Irish McCalla: Actress in the 1950s, known mainly for her role in the television series, Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.

Towns in Pawnee County:

  • Pawnee City (county seat)
  • Table Rock
  • Steinauer
  • DuBois
  • Burchard
  • Lewiston

Time For Husker Stuff

Greatest Husker to Wear #54: Dominic Raiola. Has his jersey number retired. So he is a pretty big deal.

Other Notables: Aaron Graham, and BARNEY COTTON.

Current Husker: Ryan Schommer from Norfolk, NE.