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Nebraska County Countdown 56: Sherman County

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Welcome to beautiful Sherman County, jewel of the fertile Middle Loup River Valley! Organized in 1873, Sherman County is named for famed Civil War General William “Tecumseh” Sherman. The county seat is Loup City, home of the Red Raiders. Communities in Sherman County include Loup City, Ashton, Rockville, Litchfield and Hazard. Originally this area of Nebraska was home to the Skidi Pawnee. “Skidi” is Pawnee for “Wolf”, and “Wolf” in French is “Loup”. So there you have it, the etymology of the name of the Loup River Valley.

The biggest recreational destination in Sherman County is undoubtedly Sherman Reservoir. A Bureau of Reclamation project completed in 1961, Sherman Reservoir was built for flood control and irrigation, but has a lot of fishing and camping opportunities as well. My great uncle has had a cabin on Sherman Lake for many years, and it’s a great place to spend a weekend bank fishing for crappie and walleye.

Notable 56’s:

This was my grandfather’s, then my mother drove it to college. It was our family car until 1986, when I got my school permit. I drove it as my primary transportation until 2000. One of these days I’ll put it back together.

Ed Periard, Middle Guard, 1970 Nat’l Champs

John Pitts, Monster Back, 1971 Nat’l Champs

Rob Zatechka, Offensive Tackle, 1994 Nat’l Champs, NFL New York Giants 1995-1998

Noland Urban, Middle Linebacker, 1997 Nat’l Champs

Currently wearing 56: OL Boe Wilson; OLB Collin Shefke

1956’s football season was marked by the debut of head coach Pete Elliot, who coached for one year before moving on to Cal. The Huskers achieved an unremarkable 4-6 season, culminating in a 54-6 loss to #1 Oklahoma.

Do you have any fishing lies stories about Sherman County? Let’s hear them!