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Frosted Flakes: The Most Frosted of Flakes

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Photo via Reddit

Good morning and happy Monday. As we’ve stated the past few weeks the stories that interest you are few and far between this time of year so we make due with what we have. To be honest, it’s actually been a fairly quiet off season in regards to college sports. The arrests, transfers, and conference realignment talk has been minimal in comparison to past years.

There are rumblings here and there about the Big 12 and Pac 12 imploding but it’s not like it has been in past years. Maybe there is some stability going into this season? Or, it could be that people are sick and tired of talking about it. That’s fine in my book. Journalist made smoke is more annoying than anything. Unless there is real talk, don’t write about it to just fill your paper.

The campuses have also been quiet on the “issues” front. Either that or the universities are getting better and hiding it. I hope it’s not the latter. I would like to think that our systems of higher education are doing a better job of keeping athletes in line but history likes to prove me wrong on that.

Finally, you should all be outside more. In fact, spend all your non working time outside. You and our society will be better off because of it.

Anyway, on to flakes...

First off, let’s start with this twitter thread from the wonderful folks at RedditCFB. They too pictures of modern day coaches and aged them to see what they would look like when they are old and grizzled. Well, everyone but Bill Snyder. For the first time he looks nice a sweet. Not sure I would eat his homemade apple but you get the idea.


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Acoustic Assimilation

Check out this recording of Miles Davis in Berlin. A beautiful recording from this jazz master. Have a great week folks and again, get outside!