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Friday Flakes: Try Not to Grow Up

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Not sure if it is a good thing

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Colorado Rockies Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Two years ago I made a joke or laughed at something and a friend of mine said, “Geez you’re still a little kid. Ever think it might be time to grow up a bit?” He said it in a laughing light-hearted way.

I responded, “I have two children. You can’t help but grow up when you have children.”

Fast forward to July 4th, 2018 and I think I grew up. And I am not a fan of that. As I watched friends and neighbors lighting off fireworks I could not help but think about the money spent on those fireworks.

After a small fountain was sending sparks into the air for 10-15 seconds I turned to my wife when it was over and said, “Well there went $2.00.”

After a small cannon shot 4-5 loud colorful explosions into the air again. “Well there went $5.00.”

What changed between two years ago and this last July 4th?

As we grow up we all have an increasing amount of responsibilities and concerns. With that said, why allow ourselves to get to a point where we can’t simply enjoy fireworks?

I think if we allow life to dictate and change our attitude in such a way then we are losing. I have obviously been losing.

So it is just a reminder for myself, and for anybody who cares, that we should try our best to not grow up. That does not mean neglecting your responsibilities. You can pay your bills, raise your children and not grow up.

Slow down. Be Present. If you are around young children take a second and look at what makes them happy. Is it a pile of dirt? Is there a way that you could have fun with that pile of dirt?

You’ll probably have to get dirty. Dive right in. I bet if you allow yourself a second of honesty you may think to yourself, “Wow, I feel young again.”

Then go take a shower. Come on. You’re an adult.

Stories That Are All N’

Bland excited for this ride to bring him to Lincoln. Nebraska 24/7 - Brian Christopherson

There was a time when the growing boy placed his best dreams on being the next Shaq.

Desmond Bland was always a big boy. He was the kind of boy you’d think was made to play this game of football. But in his early youth, he pictured a future in basketball. And what if they wouldn’t let him play football anyway?

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Sports Stories Outside of our Scarlet and Cream Bubble

Lakers’ signings part of Magic’s plan

The memes and the jokes wrote themselves. Shortly after LeBron James announced he would sign a four-year, $153 million deal with the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday evening, his longtime ear-whisperer, Lance Stephenson, agreed to become his teammate.

There is a war brewing between Lonzo Ball and the Lakers

I bet 95% of sports fans would be pulling for the Lakers in this battle. I hope Ball gets traded to Omaha Racers.


Speaking of not growing up.

Random Wikipedia Article: Facts You Never Knew You Needed

Fuad Muhammad Syafruddin (18 February 1963 – 16 August 1996), best known by his pen name Udin, was an Indonesian journalist who was murdered in 1996. A reporter at the Yogyakarta, Java, daily newspaper Bernas, he published a series of articles on corruption in the Bantul Regency in the months before his death. On 13 August, he was attacked at his house by two unidentified assailants using a metal rod and taken to the hospital. He died three days later without regaining consciousness.

Great Music for Work if you are on a Deadline

You don’t even need to have watched the movie for this music to make you feel like you are in a rush.

Have a good weekend fellow degenerates.