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Nebraska County Countdown 33: Jefferson County

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I have so many memories from Jefferson County

This is my first County Countdown in a couple weeks and I’m pretty happy to be back. We are almost exactly a month away from Husker football which means it’s Jefferson County’s turn in the countdown. My roommate isn’t here in Lincoln to help me out with some of the factual information about Jefferson, but I’ve been to Jefferson many times so I’d like the say I’m the expert this time.

Jefferson County was founded in on January 26, 1856 and is located on the southeastern side of Nebraska. The county was named after the third President of the United States Thomas Jefferson. As of the 2010 census, it has a population of 7,547 people in 13 communities. Technically there are no towns in Jefferson County.

From what I can tell Fairbury is the largest community in Jefferson County with a population, as of 2010, of 3,942. Fairbury is the county seat and started growing around the Rock Island Railroad. When the railroad failed businesses and people started to leave Fairbury.

Other communities in Jefferson include: Daykin, Diller, Endicott, Gladstone, Harbine, Helvey, Jansen, Plymouth, Powell, Reynolds, Steele City and Thompson. A lot of the counties were founded by settlers/pioneers, including Plymouth which was founded by settlers from New England which named it after Plymouth Massachusetts.

Daykin, NE is one of my favorite places on planet Earth. My mom is from outside of Daykin where she grew up on my grandparents farm. When I was a little kid every summer my sister and I would go and stay at their farm for at least a week and we would also have a family reunion and celebrate my grandparents anniversary. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas we would go down and visit my grandparents and have a huge get-together with my aunts, uncles and cousins. My grandma had a stroke in 2009 and moved into town in Daykin. Their house was right across the street from my uncles mechanic shop so he was able to go see them everyday.

After a couple years in that house we moved them into a nursing home and my grandpa died in 2013, and two years later my grandma died. I don’t mean to put too much of my personal life into this story because I’m sure it’s probably a little boring for some people, but the reason I did is because I miss Jefferson County a lot. This summer was the first time I went back to Daykin since my grandma’s funeral. I have so many memories from that area, and I wish I could make more.

Husker Stuff:

There are two current Huskers who wear number 33. Sophomore Running back Jaylin Bradley and JUCO transfer Will Jackson.

Safety Matt O’Hanlon wore number 33 and played for Nebraska from 2006-2009 and recorded three interceptions in the 10-3 win against Oklahoma in 2009.

2033 in the first year Nebraska has no scheduled opponents

In 1933 the Dana Bible led Huskers went 8-1 and won the Big 6. 1933 was also the first time Nebraska met Texas in a game which they won 26-0.