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Nebraska County Countdown: #34 Fillmore

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It’s beautiful out here

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Fillmore County, a grand county I must say. While my time there has been limited in history the land has left quite an impression on my memory and heart.

As with many counties in our fair state the land is lush with corn, soybean, & cattle. The winters are cold, the springs are pleasant, the summers are hot, and fall is for Husker football.

This is a wonderful land for Husker Football.

From this wonderful county the mighty Cornhuskers of Nebraska have received a handful of native sons to fight for glory on the gridiron in Lincoln. Rod Norrie, Dick McCashland, and Dwayne Domeier hailed from the county seat of Geneva. The quaint village of Exiter supplied the quarterbacking skills of Thurston Phelps way back in 1936. Fairmont itself gave the squad Eric Schepers back in 1991. A walk on but a strapping young lad none the less.

Shickley even had Emil Hendrickson all the way back in 1921 play the T position (no, no one has identified the T position to me or it’s purpose. Yes, I could probably google it but just like maps I like include our readers into the fun).

Yes a great many players have come out of the 34th greatest groundhog producing county in Nebraska.

Also, none of which you probably know so I will move on. Isn’t learning fun?

The county was named after the thirteenth President of the United States, Millard Fillmore. He of course was named after Millard North High School as his father helped lay the brick there (please tell me you know this is a farce...)

Millard was made President of the United States after the sitting President Zachary Tyler was taken to the great after life due to some sort of stomach illness. Its amazing that one could pass away back then and the general public would be perfectly content hearing that it was from a “stomach illness”. I digress...

The county holds roughly 6,634 people. Many of which I assume are Husker faithful. Right now I am just guessing as most people I have met from across the state are Husker fans. I am sure there are a scattering of Kansas State or Missouri fans as we are getting back to the border of those states.

So if you ever find yourself out and about I recommend taking a tour though Fillmore county Nebraska. Stop by one of their delightful little town and patron their fine establishments. You know ol’ uncle Bob Devaney probably did back in his day. Though, I would back off on the spirits if I were you. The drinking laws are a little more strict than they were back then.