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Nebraska County Countdown: #36 Holt

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Welcome to beautiful Holt County! Located in North Central Nebraska, this county was named for Joseph Holt, former US Postmaster General and Secretary of War. Cities include the county seat of O’Neill and the town of Atkinson, along with the villages of Chambers, Ewing, Emmet, Page and Stuart. The county was created in 1862, but wasn’t organized until 1876 because the state legislature required there be over 200 people living in the county before it could do so.

Lubber the Horse

At one time the world’s largest horse, Lubber was born on the Miller Ranch in 1921. He stood 21 hands high and weighed 3000 pounds! That’ll pull a plow.

I’m sure glad I don’t have to pay for hay for him!

Irish Festival

If you want to have an outrageously good time on St. Patrick’s Day, but don’t want to leave the confines of the great state of Nebraska, O’Neill is the place to be! Get there early, because that place will be cram-packed with enthusiastic Irish and others who are Irish just for the day.

Float Trips on the Niobrara

Canoeing, tubing, or kayaking on the Niobrara is great outdoor fun. However, for the true Nebraska experience, you have to go tanking.

Famous Holts:

Paul Engler, co-founder of the second largest beef feedlot in the nation. #moarsteaks

Harry Owens, Oscar-winning composer.

Moses Kinkaid, author of the Kinkaid Act, which facilitated the Sandhills being settled due to allowing 640 acre homesteads instead of 160.

Francis Leahy, one of the pioneers of modern football. He won four national championships. Unfortunately they were at Notre Dame.

Famous 36’s:

Larry Wachholtz, All-American Safety 1965-1966.

Correll Buckhalter, I-Back 2000.

Current 36’s:

Christian Banker, Wide Receiver

Spencer Jordan, Inside Linebacker

Zac Luckey, Freshman Infielder on Baseball team.

Have some “so there I was” stories from O’Neill on St Patrick’s Day? Tell them here!