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Nebraska Makes Delicious Beer: Beer Updates

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We’ve talked liquor and wine. Now it’s time to talk beer!

Now that we spent some time talking about liquor and wine, it’s time to get back to beer. If you’ve missed ANY of the pieces we’ve done here at CornNation about beer and other adult beverages made here in The Good Life, check them out here.

There have, again, been additions and subtractions to the Nebraska beer scene. Last year, just after posting our update on Lincoln beer, for example, Ploughshare closed their doors. While that was a loss for the Lincoln brewery scene, in their place is a national brewery, Green Flash, a nationally-known brewery with a legendary IPA. Their choice to open their Brewhouse and Eatery in Lincoln adds credibility to the growing beer scene.

Other breweries in the state are expanding. Kinkaider will have a presence in the Haymarket in Lincoln in addition to Grand Island. ZipLine has their brewery taproom and Beer Hall in Lincoln as well as a taproom in Omaha.

Looking through the Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild website, it’s clear that there are many other new breweries in the state. We discussed the Guild’s goals in the state last summer. While their list of member breweries is not entirely a comprehensive list of the breweries, it’s a great place to start if you’re looking to have a beer brewed locally.

Rumor continue to abound about other breweries opening, and there are definitely places making tasty ciders for people who are sensitive to gluten, or who just don’t like beer. Glacial Till is a well-known winery in the state, but is also a prolific cidery.

The great news is that there is a healthy market for local entrepreneurs to share their passion with friends and neighbors from near and far. The bad news is that it means there are too many to cover. Please get out and explore the breweries near you. Tag me or DM me on twitter at @coach_ty6 and let me know what you’re drinking, whether you like it or not! Ideally, anyone reading this series will get out and connect in their community with your local brewers.

Drink from here.