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Friday Flakes: Corn Nation Readers Make Suggestions for the Tunnel Walk

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And I give my thoughts on each one

NCAA Football: Iowa at Nebraska Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week our fearless leader, Jon Johnston, wrote an article about the Tunnel Walk and how there might or might not be changes to our believed Sirius. Well I went through all of the comments and noted each song that was legitimately suggested. Yes there were a couple that I assumed were jokes (Looking at you Walk the Dinosaur by Was(Not Was). Anyways, here is the list and my quick thoughts on each song.

I believe that any “Tunnel Walk” song needs to start kind of soft then build up to a climax of some sort. It’s all about the build up. So with that said here we go...

  • John Cena Theme Music: I like it for a football game but maybe before a defensive drive or coming after a time out. Not for the Tunnel Walk. There is no build up.
  • Welcome Home - Coheed & Cambria: I actually think this is pretty good except I think the build up needs to be longer. That would be a very short tunnel walk.
  • Enter Sandman - Metallica: More on this below
  • For Whom The Bell Tolls - Metallica: The build up takes way too long. It takes almost 2 minutes before we get to the good part.
  • American Badass - Kid Rock: Well there is no build up and I don’t think the lyrics would be great for a tunnel walk...
  • Rollin’ (Air raid vehicle) - Limp Bizkit: I actually suggested this at one point but for a big defensive series. Oh the memories this song rekindles.
  • Harvester of Sorrow - Metallica: Like most Metallica songs there is a build up but this one just never gets anywhere.
  • Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix: Jimi is Jimi, but the build up is kind of something you might bob your head too while we are looking for something to get 90,000+ fans excited.
  • Slam - Onyx: Another one that has zero build up but would be great for in-game music
  • For Those About to Rock - AC/DC: Build up is too slow.
  • Revolution - The Score: Ya I don’t see how that would work, maybe I just don’t get it.

A Wasted Opportunity: Gary Clark Jr. - Come Together

At the spring game they played this song but absolutely missed the mark because they used the absolute wrong part of the song. I understand the whole theme of “Come Together” was probably their intention. However, the song has a great intro that would work perfectly for the Tunnel Walk. There is a great build up and music we Nebraskans can clap to.

Enter Sandman - Metallica

I’m probably not alone in thinking that this is probably the perfect song for a tunnel walk. Unfortunately the concern is the Virginia Tech does it. I’m getting close to the point of saying, ‘Who cares!’ Take the grief you’ll get the first couple of times, and then keep using it. Then do it better than Virginia Tech. Make it unique in our own way. If it is a night game bring the lights into it.

Visitor Football Team Tunnel Walk

I suggested in the comments of Jon’s article that we should have a tunnel walk for the visiting team. They can change the song up depending on the team but a good one would be The Darth Vader Theme Song. I know sometimes the visiting team comes out during our tunnel walk, but we can do something to make them come out to their own music.

Maybe a Compromise

Maybe with games against Unranked Non-Conference Opponents and “lower-tier” conference games they could try out some different music. But for the big games surprise the crowd with Sirius from time to time.

The rule of thumb for whether it is a big game is like my thought about the hall of fame. If there is any question whether it is a big game, then it isn’t.

Just think about how the crowd will react if Michigan State comes into town (assuming they are highly ranked) and if Nebraska is still in the running for the division by some miracle the crowd will already be juiced and anticipating what new song Nebraska will play for the tunnel walk.

There are the normal “Husker!”......”Power” chants leading up to the tunnel walk. Anticipation is building the longer we wait then...

The low rumble of Sirius starts...I get goose bumps just thinking about it. The place could explode.

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