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Nebraska County Countdown: #38 Furnas County -

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Cow chip fires and Beaver City

There are 38 days left until the 2018 Nebraska football season!


That means it’s time for Furnas County!

Furnas County is right next to my home county, Frontier, but I have to confess I remember very little about it. It contained 4,959 people as of the 2010 census, and it was named after Robert W. Furnas, the second governor of Nebraska. As governor, Furnas was responsible for having founded Arbor Day in Nebraska, which is a pretty big deal, actually.

Remember that Nebraska was part of the plains described as the “Great American Desert” before it was settled. You’ve got so few trees people built homes out of sod, and then there’s that big about using buffalo or cow chips to build a fire. Imagine cooking over that... or don’t, actually. You have to wonder how it seasoned the beans.

Here’s a photo of a lovely lady with a wheelbarrow full of dung! Woohoeeee, if that don’t get your blood boiling with lusty desire!

The county seat of Furnas is Beaver City, named after Beaver Creek because there were a lot of beaver around. There are a crapload of Beaver Creeks across North America. I will leave the rest of the Beaver references to the comment section.

Towns include Holbrook, Hendley, Araphoe, Wilsonville (never heard of it), Cambridge and Edison. I should remember more about these towns but I do not. Arapahoe we played as the first game of my senior year of football, winning 34-17. Some guy on their team knocked out two of our kickers. On a kick return, typically the front row of linemen drop back and form a wall to block, but in this case, apparently one of their guys came forward and hit our kicker while they were watching the ball. It took one guy out of the game, probably with a concussion, and then he did it again to the second-string kicker. That’s some pretty cheap crap. That’s the kind of stuff that gets people messed up in later life.

The only thing I remember about Cambridge is being destroyed by them in 7th or 8th grade in football. It was one of those things were you show up to a field, the other team comes out and you say to yourself, “What the hell are those guys? Giants? We’re playing giants?” and then they proceed to run over you, literally, and you wonder why you exist.

I did not play basketball. I attempted basketball my freshman and sophomore years, but, alas, the game requires coordination. You can’t just run into people or push them down, and my favorite defensive play - kicking a guy’s ankle so he trips over himself - happened to be illegal. We played against Cambridge, Arapahoe and Holbrook, I believe, but I had no part in those things.

There are only two sites in Furnas County registered in the National Historical Register of really neat old places.

There is the Cambridge State Aid Bridge and the W. H. Faling House. The bridge was built in 1914 by the Nebraska Department of Roads and added to the historical register in the 90s when someone decided to do an inventory of historical bridges in Nebraska. The Faling House is obviously in the register because of its historical design.

Husker Stuff!

There are two #38’s on this year’s Nebraska team. There is Brody Belt, a freshman running back from Millard West out of Omaha, and Damian Jackson a redshirt freshman defensive lineman from Shadow Ridge in Las Vegas.

Nebraska squished Alabama 38-6 in the 1972 Orange Bowl to win Bob Devaney and the Cornhuskers a national title, their second! Woooooohooooo

Mike Riley coached 38 games at Nebraska, finishing with a 19-19 record.

Wisconsin won last season’s game 38-17.