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Frosted Flakes: The Kool-Aid Is Getting Deep Around Here

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We’ve reached the optimistic stage of the offseason. Isn’t it great to be a Husker fan right now?

Jon Johnston

We are entering county fair season. Ranchdude has to ask if he can eat something or “is this for the fair?” Stubborn calves are being coaxed to follow their handlers in return for...well nothing really. That explains why they think it’s not worth their time.

It also means we are getting closer to Husker football.

The other way I can tell we are closer to football...we have actual articles to read and clip for Flakes. There are no “top 5” or “top 10” lists. These are genuine Kool-Aid offerings. Everyone is bought-in, stronger, and ready to compete for their spot. In Nebraska, I’m pretty sure Kool-Aid counts as an appetizer, so enjoy Husker fans. We are getting closer to the dawning of the age of Frost.

Frosted Flakes

New redshirt rule brings major changes in roster management for Frost, Huskers | Sports |
CHICAGO — If Scott Frost has his way this fall, every player on the Husker roster will see game action.

Frost, Huskers exploring all avenues as roster rebuild proceeds at rapid pace | Football |
Nebraska has added 51 new players to the program since Scott Frost was hired on Dec. 3 in an attempt to blend as much new talent as possible with the

In the weight room, Huskers see big gains — and Scott Frost is there crushing it, too | Big Red Today |
Jerald Foster hates to admit it, but he's not one of the leading weightlifters among his Nebraska teammates right now.

Different feeling for Huskers in 2018 | |
CHICAGO -- There seems to be no doubt that there is a different feeling around the Nebraska football program this summer.

Erik Chinander's Iowa roots pay off as Huskers land defensive end recruit Mosai Newsom | Ncaa |
Before Scott Frost made his first appearance at Big Ten media days in Chicago, Waverly-Shell Rock defensive end Mosai Newsom on Monday committed to the Huskers.

New Coach Scott Frost, Huskers Gunning for Hawkeyes | HawkeyeNation
Iowa has won three in a row and four of the last five. It’s rolled in the last two meetings by a combined score of 96-24.

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

Coaches and their everlasting quest to coach turnovers
Football coaches constantly stress the importance of takeaways and ball security. But does it really all just come down to luck?

Zach Smith questions for Urban Meyer, Ohio State won't stop |
The former Ohio State receivers coach and recruiting coordinator was fired Monday after domestic violence charges surfaced.

Jon Gruden: I won’t take Raiders’ money if I can’t ‘get it done’
Leave it to Gruden to make such a bold statement illustrative of just how unconcerned he is about the exterior pressures of his new...

Yay? Science!

Neptune, Titan, Jupiter, and Pluto look gorgeous in these new photos | Popular Science
Astronomers released some incredible images of our Solar System this week—let’s take a peek at some of the highlights.

The Milky Way’s long-lost sibling finally found | University of Michigan News
cientists at the University of Michigan have deduced that the Andromeda galaxy, our closest large galactic neighbor, shredded and cannibalized a massive galaxy two billion years ago.

Then There’s This

Man sets record for slicing most watermelons in half on his stomach |
Ashrita Furman set a new record Tuesday for slicing the most watermelons in half on his stomach in 60 seconds.