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Nebraska County Countdown: #39 Cheyenne County

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Nebraska was the number one in the nation at something and Cheyenne County has the golden link to prove it

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Congrats Cheyenne County. You are in the running for the worst courthouse in the entire state!

Also Congrats Cheyenne County! The construction of 455.3 miles of interstate 80 across the state was formally completed with a “golden link” embedded in the roadway west of Sidney in 1974. In a race to determine which state is the best, Nebraska was the first state to complete its mainline interstate system. So Nebraska is better than Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Hawaii. Hawaii is still working on their interstate.

Cheyenne County was established in 1871 and at one time and ranked #39 for most registered vehicles in the state of Nebraska!

The county includes the city of Sidney (county seat), villages of Dalton, Gurley, Lodgepole, Potter and the communities of Lorenzo and Sunol.

Nebraska Oil Boom: The first successful oil well in western Nebraska was discovered near Gurley in 1949. The Mary Egging No. 1 came in for Marathon Oil co. at 225 barrels of oil per day at a depth of 4,429 feet. The discovery ended 60 years of unsuccessful searching in western Nebraska.

Prehistoric Find: In 1992 a single grave containing the skeletal remains of a young adult male and an infant were discovered in Sidney, NE. The dating on the remains are estimated to be from about 2,500 B.C. The pair were from a band of hunter-gathers known to archaeologists as the Oxbow Complex.

El Mapo

Important map fact: Sidney is the last location on Interstate 80 to get a Runza.

Sidney is also the location of Jon Johnston’s favorite store, the flagship Cabela’s. If you’ve never been, you owe it to yourself to visit. There’s also semi truck and rv parking, along with overnight horse corrals, so you have no excuse.

There are amazing habitat dioramas, along with all the hunting and camping equipment you could ever dream of!

There is this song from Kansas, the Leftoverture album. It was the first album I ever bought. It was released in 1976, and featured the hit “Carry On My Wayward Son”, which was Kansas’ biggest hit.

Notable Cheyenne County denizens:

Richard Cabela, founder of Cabela’s, the best sporting goods store in the universe.

Walter Reed, who developed the vaccine for yellow fever, lived in Cheyenne County at one time. He was also stationed at Fort Robinson for a tour.

Notable 39’s:

Andra Franklin, All-Big 8 fullback in 1980.

Current Husker #39’s:

Bradley Bunner, walk-on defensive back.

Cole Frahm, walk-on kicker.

Mojo Hagge, outfielder for baseball team. His real name is Mojo. Mojo.

Olivia Ferrell, right hand pitcher for softball team.