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Op-Ed: A Foregone Conclusion that Scott Frost Will Be Successful

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This kind of feels familiar but not in a good way

NCAA Football: Big Ten Football Media Day Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe the past two decades as a Nebraska fan has made me a bit jaded. In fact, I know it has. This became obvious to myself after reading what some national college football experts have had to say about Scott Frost.

For example, Mike Schaefer at 24/7 Sports spoke with Joel Klatt of Fox Sports at Big Ten Media Days. Klatt, who is one of my favorite football guys, had this to say about Scott Frost:

“What I’ve seen on the outside is that he’s instilled this belief, regardless what happens day-in, day-out or a game-by-game basis, steps are being taken to lead where they want to go,” Klatt said. “Candidly, it’s never felt like that before. The level of confidence is just different now. You see it on the recruiting trail. You certainly see it when you hear Scott, see Scott. He went up to the press conference as a seasoned pro, and it’s his first time as Nebraska’s coach, and he’s up there and knocked it out of the park. This guy is a terrific coach. I truly believe that he’s going to build Nebraska into what I believe is an annual power in the Big Ten.”

Bruce Feldman made similarly glowing comments about Scott Frost on his podcast with Stewart Mandel. Mandel said he was skeptical that Nebraska can get back to glory when asked about some potential sleeping giants to win a National Championship in the future. Feldman responded by saying the following:

“I think they can,” Feldman said. “I definitely think they can. Do you need top-10 classes? I don’t think you do. You need top-20 classes. I think he can do that. Count me a believer on him.”

And now the Omaha World-Herald announced yesterday that they are publishing a Scott Frost biography titled “A Husker’s Journey Home.” I get it. He is the most popular person in the state right now and it is a way to bring in more revenue to the World-Herald. I get it. In fact, I pre-ordered the book yesterday.

All of these comments from national experts, a biography, a comic-book and numerous comments from local writers, radio personalities all appear to be quite a bit presumptuous. Or is it just me?

Am I the only one that feels like it is already a foregone conclusion that Scott Frost will be successful and will return Nebraska to the promised land? At least it appears to nearly be a consensus that Frost will get the job done. I sure hope so.

Locally there was not a lot of enthusiasm about the hiring of Mike Riley. But nationally it was seen by many to be a great hire.

I know. We all would agree that Scott Frost is not Mike Riley.

However, I can’t help but think back to a time where the feeling around Nebraska football nearly the same as it does right now.

There was a coach who “got it.” He was not a stranger to Nebraska football. He was going to bring Nebraska football back to where it belonged. Local businesses paid for advertising on billboards, and there were t-shirts being printed to commemorate what was going to happen. Also a lot of the national football experts lauded that hire. He was great as a coordinator as well.

That was Bo Pelini. Remember the billboard by Memorial Stadium? “In Bo We Trust.” Or the T-Shirts? “I’m a Bo-Liever!”

I’m not saying that Scott Frost is Bo Pelini. But you have to admit the similarities are there.

Some will point out all of the differences between Scott Frost and how it is almost like it was meant to be. There are differences, but there are also a lot of similarities.

But it is different this time right?

All the roads we went down since Osborne retired has led us to this point. Scott Frost has finally come home when we needed him the most.

This is true. Nebraska fans have been through a lot over the past two decades. At the exact time Nebraska needs a great coach to fix a formerly great program the best coaching candidate in the country just happens to be a former player. Oh ya, and he won every single coaching award the season before. Feels like it was meant to be. Feels like it could be divine providence.

It is impossible to know God’s plan for us, but I would guess bringing Nebraska Football back to prominence is not a priority.

So if it is not meant to be, then it is possible that Scott Frost could fail.

Can we hope he is the answer? Absolutely. So I am going to spend my time hoping he is successful. Because if he isn’t successful then who could be?

Here’s to hope.