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Jordy Tshimanga to leave Nebrasketball

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After a late Thursday night call with Tshimanga, coach Tim Miles confirmed Tshimanga will be transferring.

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Wisconsin Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Bad news Husker fans. After debating to leave in the middle of last season, Jordy Tshimanga finally made the move last night, asking coach Tim Miles for a release from the program. Miles granted the release and now Tshimanga will look for somewhere to transfer.

This one hurts a lot heading into the season which many expect to be an NCAA tournament run. Jordy was the tallest player on the team and the only one who could consistently stop huge centers, specifically Big Ten centers like Purdue’s Matt Haarms and Penn State’s Mike Watkins.

However, Tshimanga never really fit into the offensive scheme for the Huskers, coming off the bench in the second half of the season when Isaiah Roby entered the starting lineup. Ever since that move to put Roby in the lineup, it was evident Jordy wasn’t very happy with his role on the team.

The Huskers have an alarmingly small frontcourt, with Roby, Isaac Copeland, and Tanner Borchardt representing. Copeland could never play center though, so right now the Huskers have two playable centers, with Borchardt being a former walk-on.

Nebraska will most likely find a way to bring in a late center by means of a junior college or graduate transfer. They got Duby Okeke that way, as well as Evan Taylor, so hopefully Miles can find someone.