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Friday Flakes: You and Your Cell Phone Plus Another Husker Makes a Watch List

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And me and my cell phone.

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Steam Pipe Explosion Sends Plumes Of Smoke Onto Manhattan Street Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Yesterday I was walking down a trail by my house and was listening to an episode of the Art of Manliness Podcast. The title of the podcast was “What Makes Your Phone So Addictive & How to Take Back Your Life.” The host of the podcast interviewed Adam Alter who is an assistant professor of marketing and psychology at New York University.

Now I don’t plan on pontificating on a wonderful Friday but I just wanted to leave you with five things I learned from the podcast episode:

  1. Steve Jobs didn’t let his kids near an iPad.
  2. In 2007, the average American adult looked at their phone 18 minutes a day.
  3. In 2015, the average American adult looked at their phone 3 hours a day.
  4. In 2017, the average American adult looked at their phone 4 hours a day.
  5. 75% of American adults can grab their phone without moving their feet 24 hours a day.

I am aware of the irony.

Congratulations to Nebraska’s newest member of a preseason college football watch list! Sophmore tight end Jack Stoll was put on the 2018 John Mackey Award Preseason Watch List. The Mackey Award is presented to the best tight end in college football.

Jack had eight receptions for 89 yard in 2017. However, all eight receptions came in the last six games. Making the watch list probably is a result of a mix of some potential, the new offense (The Frost Freeway), and the new tight end coach Sean Beckton which has known to produce some pretty spicy tight ends.

On to the flakes.

News You Can Use that has Shades of Scarlet and Cream

DT Commit Tony Fair: ‘Nebraska was basically tailor-made for me’ - Hail Varsity - Erin Sorensen

A weight lifted from Tony Fair’s shoulders. The 6-3, 330-pound junior college defensive tackle from Pima Community College in Tucson, Ariz., verbally committed to Nebraska on Thursday. He became the 12th member of the Huskers’ 2019 recruiting class.

No, Britney Spears’ boyfriend didn’t play Husker football - Omaha World-Herald - Sam McKewon

News nobody cares about right? I’m probably wrong

Ohio State barely edges Wisconsin as pick to win Big Ten in 2018 preseason poll

In preseason balloting conducted by of 28 writers from around the Big Ten, Ohio State was picked by 14 voters to win the Big Ten this season, while Wisconsin received 13 votes and Michigan State picked up the final vote.

Warren Buffett donated $100,000 to The Daily Nebraskan newspaper
The Daily Nebraskan Editorial Support Fund received 524 shares of class B common stock in Berkshire Hathaway on July 16, according to the company's SEC filings. Based on Monday's closing price of $192 per share, that donation totals $100,608.

University of Nebraska opens new health center, nursing college complex | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
A new University of Nebraska facility will give students access to improved health care while providing its nursing program a world-class learning and research space with capacity for future growth.

Nebraska Alumni Association - The Drone Age is Here, and We’re Screwing It Up
States and cities, fearing a swarming drone menace that has yet to emerge, are considering (or have already passed) laws that criminalize children with toys. In Texas, if you photograph your neighbor’s house with a drone, even if by accident, and post it on Facebook, you’re a misdemeanor criminal. A bill in Nebraska would have made flying over your neighbor’s property with a drone — any drone, no matter how small — a trespassing crime.

Sports News Outside of our Bubble

ESPYS Honor Nassar Victims With Arthur Ashe Courage Award

Great choice for the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

Fire UNC's Larry Fedora if he can't acknowledge dangers of CTE
No need to dance around this. If Fedora actually believes what he said, he’s too dumb to coach college football and should be fired immediately.

Larry Fedora ridiculed for speaking the truth about CTE: A (partial defense of Fedora)

It’s heresy. It’s also backed up by some people who know the subject well.

Manny Machado blockbuster trade makes Dodgers the team to beat

I’ll still take the Cubs.

Le’Veon Bell Is Right, and So Are the Steelers

Life is tough for NFL running backs

Here’s why trading for Kawhi Leonard is the right move for the Raptors

Do they make this trade if Lebron is still in the east? No way.


Millennial Outlines How It's Possible To Live In New York City On A $25 an Hour Salary And Two Parents Who Pay For Everything She Needs - Barstool Sports
New York City millennial keeps a running diary on how she survives on a $25/hour salary as an intern in HR consulting. That comes out to a measly $748 a week, in the greatest (and most expensive) city in the world. Tough! Who could survive on that.

First Baby Snake From Dinosaur Era Found in Amber

A delicate baby snake with a remarkably well-preserved skeletal structure is the first of its kind ever found fossilized in amber. At 99 million years old, the fossil is also the oldest snake known from a forested environment, paleontologists revealed today in the journal Science Advances.

The Vanishing

Last October, a father and son set out into the Oregon wilderness, stalking blacktail deer. After they split up, only one of them made it out of the woods. This is what happens when a hunter disappears

Random Wikipedia Article: Facts You Never Knew You Needed

In Greek mythology, Corycia (Ancient Greek: Κωρύκια Korykia) or Corycis (Kôrukis), was a naiad who lived on Mount Parnassus in Phocis. Her father was the local river-god Kephisos or Pleistos of northern Boeotia. With Apollo, she became the mother of Lycoreus (Lyrcorus) who gave his name to the city Lycoreia.

Have a good weekend.