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Nebraska Makes Delicious Beer: This Time We’re Talking Wine

Don’t like beer? Well, Nebraska also has a plethora of wineries!

Welcome back! Last week, we mentioned some of the Nebraska’s distilleries. This week we’re going to talk wine. Full disclosure, my wife and I drink a lot of wine, and we’ve found a few wineries we like. However, we can barely scratch the surface of what’s made by Nebraskans.

If you’re new to CornNation’s summer beer series, check out old installments here. As mentioned previously, my wife and I are investors in Blue Blood Brewing Company in Lincoln.

So, wine. According to the Nebraska Winery and Grape Growers Association, there are more than 25 wineries and vineyards operating in Nebraska. Many are near Lincoln and Omaha, but there are wineries scattered throughout The Good Life.

We have visited Deer Springs, Cellar 426, James Arthur, and Capitol View in the Lincoln area and also had wine from Mac’s Creek and Glacial Till. The four we have been to near Lincoln have charming locations with unique, fun quirks to each. Many of the wineries are available for private events and have special events like live music.

No matter your preference in wine- red or white, dry or sweet- the Nebraska wine makers will have something for you. All that I have visited offer diverse, customizable tasting options and have cheese, fruit, or meat tray options as well.

My wife and I have enjoyed everything from peaceful, romantic nights to class reunions at the local wineries. The staff are always friendly and knowledgeable and, as I’m a talker, I’ve never found one unwilling to engage in conversation.

As with all of these local spirit and drink makers we’ve featured, take a moment when you’re visiting your local shop and fine the Nebraska-made options. They’re often as good, if not better than, their national counterparts and you’re supporting entrepreneurs in our state.

Tune in next week for an update on the beer scene in Nebraska. Another year’s past and some favorites are not more, while new names have moved in.