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Nebraska County Countdown: #46 Merrick

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Welcome to Merrick County! Organized in 1864, it was named for Elvira Merrick, the maiden name of the wife of territorial legislator Henry W. DePuy, who introduced the bill that created the county.

Not this Elvira. A different one.

The geography of Merrick is unique. The northern edge is jagged because the Pawnee Indian Reservation was formed a year before, and they overlapped. The southern edge is bound by the Platte River. No boring rectangles here, Merrick has style!.

Notable Merrick County denizens:

Wright Morris, award winning novelist.

Gladys M Lux, painter who exhibited in the 1939 World’s Fair.

Margaret Wooster Curti, psychologist who expanded on Pavlov’s theories regarding native intelligence and conditioned reflex.

Richard Wagner, deputy general manager then manager of Cincinnati Reds 1967-1983, commissioner of Major League Baseball 1988-1994.

Notable 46’s:

Tony Felici, All-Big 8 Defensive End 1981-1982.

Bill Bomberger, Fullback 1970 Nat’l Champs.

Maury Damkroger, Fullback 1971 Nat’l Champs, drafted by New England Patriots.

Doug Colman, Middle Linebacker, 1994-95 Nat’l Champs, 5 year NFL Career.

Current 46’s:

Corbin Ruth, walk-on transfer DB from NW Missouri State.

Have any good Merrick County stories?