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Report: Former Husker Randy Gregory Reinstated to the NFL

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The Dallas Cowboy pass rusher gets to join his team in time for training camp.

Rutgers v Nebraska Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

At least two NFL insiders are tweeting that former Cornhusker Randy Gregory has been reinstated by the NFL after serving the latest in a series of suspensions related to the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

Gregory’s troubles first started at the 2015 NFL combine which caused him to drop in the NFL draft before the Dallas Cowboys selected him with the 60th overall pick. In the offseason after his rookie year, he failed two drug tests. The first resulted in a four-game suspension and the second added ten more games, making him ineligible for almost the entire 2016 season. He did start the final two games before being ruled ineligible for playoffs due to a missed drug test. This suspension was for “at least” a year and was effectively a ban as Gregory needed to apply for reinstatement but had to wait at least a year to do so.

It appears that he has successfully made the case he is ready to return to terrorizing quarterbacks. As Ian Rapaport mentioned above, it is really unusual for a player to be able to work their way back from that level of discipline and rejoin an active roster. We wish Randy the best of luck as he moves forward.