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Frosted Flakes - Basketball Recruiting, FIFA, & Hardcore

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Soccer: World Cup-Croatia vs France Witters Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Did you spend the past month watching the FIFA World Cup? Was it fun? Did you enjoy it?

The biggest world wide sporting event is in once every four years and I’m not sure how much of the United States really cares. I am sure there would be more Americans watching if our national team made it. However, we did not so everyone had fun picking a random country to root for.

There’s a long debate on why soccer never made a big splash in the states the way it has in other countries. Maybe we were too invested in our own sports such as football, baseball, and basketball? Or, possibly we are too stubborn of a country to be interested in a game that everyone but ourselves cares about?

Who knows as most of the statistics that I have seen on public opinion have been lackluster. We should probably look into it more as people are bored with baseball, football is a brain scrambler who needs a lot of research, and the NBA stinks...sorry, it does.

No matter how you look at it, the French won and I guess that’s a good thing. The French do not win at many things and they have to get bailed out of what problems they do have by other countries. Oui! Oui!

Croatia, you’ve always interested me as a country but I guess you just didn’t have what it took to win it all. Thank you for your Cinderella story and here is your consolation prize. I can only imagine it’s something cool like a bunch of Russian nesting dolls or a mail order spouse. Russia is still known for those things, right?

Will I be hacked for writing this? Who knows comrade.

Anyway, on to flakes...


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Acoustic Assimilation

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Enjoy the week folks!