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Nebraska County Countdown: 47 Valley

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Welcome to beautiful Valley County, heart of the bountiful North Loup River Valley! Valley County was named for its topography, which is much more varied in elevation than other areas of the state. My grandpa Charron said we could run more cattle on a section of pasture than he could, “because our cattle could graze all five sides.” It was organized in 1874 when Fort Hartsuff was established. The county seat is Ord, and includes the towns of Arcadia, Elyria and North Loup.

One of the modern features of Valley County is Scratchtown Brewery, a craft brewery that I have bought growlers of beer in multiple times and have yet to get to drink any of, mainly due to my greedy family members....

One of the best reasons to visit Valley County is Fort Hartsuff, an intact frontier fort near Elyria that puts on living history displays most holidays. If you enjoy any sort of history, this is not to be missed. They have a brick oven that they make the best bread ever in! There are also regiments that drill, caisson teams, and a vintage baseball team.

Valley County Figures of Significance:

Me, of course!

Evelyn Sharp, one of the first female aviators and the youngest person to earn an air transport license. A barnstormer and flight instructor, she died in 1944 while transporting a P-38 to the west coast.

Jeff Quinn, Husker QB 1976-1980. He ushered in the Wishbone option era for Coach Osborne.

Rod Dowhower, College and NFL Coach.

Notable 47’s:

Leroy Etienne, Linebacker, 1985-1988. Toronto Argonauts and San Francisco 49’ers.

Current 47’s:

Brandon Hohenstein, TE, Jackson, NE

Matt Jarzynka, DL, Loup City NE

Robbie Palkert, RHP, Minnesota

Have any good Valley County stories? Any other Chanticleers in here? Let us know in the comments!