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Friday Flakes: Nebraska & Iowa Have the Same Odds to Win the Division Plus a Friendly Jab

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It must be tough to root for Iowa

Delaware Becomes First State To Launch Legal Sports Betting Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images

Bovada released their odds for each school to win their division and/or their conference.

Something stood out to me and it made me laugh.

But first: Iowa went 8-5 (legendary for them) last year with a blowout upset over Ohio State and finished the regular season with a pounding of Nebraska 56-14. From what I know Iowa has retained their entire coaching staff from the year before. Their schedule is also extremely favorable as they get Wisconsin, Northwestern, Maryland and Nebraska at home in 2018.

Nebraska on the other hand went 4-8 last year with their best win over Purdue. The entire coach staff was replaced. Then we get to the conference schedule. Nebraska travels to Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Northwestern and Iowa. That is a ridiculous schedule.

Now the best part: Even with everything that happened last year and what is in front of us this coming season it turns out that Nebraska and Iowa have the same odds to win the division as well as the conference. Both have 10/1 odds.

You just have to laugh.

NCAA Football 2018 Season - Odds to win the Big Ten Championship

  • Ohio State 3/2
  • Wisconsin 14/5
  • Michigan 11/2
  • Penn State 6/1
  • Michigan State 10/1
  • Iowa 40/1
  • Nebraska 40/1
  • Northwestern 50/1
  • Purdue 80/1
  • Minnesota 90/1
  • Indiana 250/1
  • Maryland 250/1
  • Illinois 800/1
  • Rutgers 800/1

NCAA Football 2018 Season - Odds to win the Big Ten East Division

  • Ohio State 21/20
  • Michigan 7/2
  • Penn State 7/2
  • Michigan State 11/2
  • Indiana 100/1
  • Maryland 100/1
  • Rutgers 300/1

NCAA Football 2018 Season - Odds to win the Big Ten West Division

  • Wisconsin 4/9
  • Iowa 10/1
  • Nebraska 10/1
  • Northwestern 11/1
  • Minnesota 14/1
  • Purdue 14/1
  • Illinois 100/1

A Friendly Jab at ZiggInPHX

A Corn Nation staffer was perusing through an old article of theirs for research purposes and stumbled upon this gem.

Just having fun.

Hey, at least you didn’t write an article last year saying that Mike Riley needed more time because he had the defense figured out with the new defensive coordinator. Who did that? (Raising hand)

Stories That Are All N’

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Has anybody figured out how a man with no arms stabbed somebody? He used his feet and scissors?

Random Wikipedia Article: Facts You Never Knew You Needed

Tornadoes of 2016: “There were 1,059 tornadoes reported in the United States in 2016, of which 976 were confirmed. Worldwide, 130 fatalities were reported: 99 in China, 18 in the United States, five in Uruguay, four in Brazil and two in Italy and Russia each. 2016 was slightly below-average in terms of tornado activity, but near-record tornado numbers occurred in February.

‘Put A Hop In Your Step’ Music

I spent a semester in Washington, D.C. as an intern. It was only a four-day work week because we had “classes” and “tours” on Friday. So Thursday for all practical purposes was a Friday for me. This was a part of the Capitol Hill Internship Program (CHIP) through Nebraska Wesleyan. I loved it.

So every Thursday after walking out of the building where I interned made sure to stop at the sidewalk. I didn’t want to start walking home yet. That’s because I needed to grab my iPod and headphones. Then I put this song on, cranked it up and walked back to my place. It was always a great start to the “weekend.”