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Frosted Flakes: Getting Old, Science, and Meteors

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One more piece of the Nebrasketball schedule has been announced and science can be awesome (most of the time).

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NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament-Nebraska vs Michigan Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

I must be getting old.

The ads I see when I log in to Facebook have turned into things like “Here’s some great plastic surgery doctors in your area” and “Hurry to be sure you are part of this toilet connector class action lawsuit” (huh, what?).

I don’t feel old. Okay, my shoulder popped and creaked a little when I got out of bed this morning. The bathroom scale has turned into the least favorite item in the house.

But I can’t possibly be old yet. I can remember when my parents were my age.

Oh wait. I thought they were old.

So, do any of you feel your age? What are your signs of getting older?

Frosted Flakes

Huskers to face Western Illinois in November - Nebraska Radio Network
Another piece of the Nebraska men’s basketball team’s non-conference schedule was announced Monday.

Ten highest rated Nebraska products in Madden NFL 19
The Madden 19 player ratings are out, and plenty of Nebraska players will make an impact.

Norfolk Catholic’s Engelhaupt steps away from Husker football program | News |
A handful of departures from the Nebraska football team became official Monday.

Wallace Named NFCA High School All-American - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Pitcher/infielder Courtney Wallace, who will be a freshman on the Nebraska softball team in the fall, was named a High School All-American by the NFCA on Monday.

Huskers Splash into Summer Sectionals - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
The Nebraska swimming and diving team will be represented by 21 athletes as they travel to Jenks, Okla. on Wednesday, July 11, to compete in the 2018 Speedo Sectionals.

Nebraska Football Road Race Set for July 15 - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
The sixth-annual Nebraska Football Road Race will take place on Sunday, July 15. The one-mile fun run begins at 8 a.m. and the 5K run will follow, with an estimated start time of 8:30 a.m. Both races will start and finish on Stadium Drive just outside the west side of Memorial Stadium.

Big Ten Medal of Honor Winners Announced
The Big Ten Medal of Honor is awarded to one male and one female student from the graduating class of each member institution who has demonstrated excellence on and off the field throughout their college career.

Nebraska’s honorees were both gymnasts.

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402 and 308

Inside a Young Girl's Journey With the Rare Brain Cancer DIPG
"I wasn't doing it for me. I was doing it for all the other kids who suffered."

Tour de France riders put their bodies through hell. An expert explains -
The Tour de France is the most maniacal major sporting event on Earth. We spoke to a physiologist and former pro cyclist to explain the hell that Tour riders put their bodies through.

Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper under contract to keep statue of Jerry Richardson
New Panthers owner David Tepper says while he'll accept nothing less than an "open and safe" work environment, he's "contractually obligated" to keep a 13-foot-high statue of former owner and team founder Jerry Richardson outside of the team's stadium.

Apparently the hubris of rich old guys knows no bounds. Build a statue of yourself in the first place. Then, harass people for years until you are forced to sell the team, but somehow work a contract in which your statue has to stay? Hopefully the contract doesn’t say anything about “decorating” the statue.

World Cup: France into the final after win over Belgium
France punched a ticket to its third-ever World Cup final after a second-half goal from Samuel Umtiti.

Despite losing leg former NFL RB Isaiah Pead is back on the run - Pittsburgh Steelers Blog- ESPN
After a car accident took his left leg, former NFL running back Isaiah Pead is training to become a Paralympian.

Steve Spurrier says he would call Shaquem Griffin if he was cut | Miami Herald
Former Florida and South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier is a head coach for the Alliance football League team in Orlando. He said on a radio show appearance Monday he would contact Shaquem Griffin right away if the former UCF star is cut by the Seahawks.

Adam Silver: NBA likely moving toward elimination of one-and-done
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said there is growing support to eliminate the current one-and-done rule, which would allow players to enter the league at 18.

Yay? Science!

Books That Kill: 3 Poisonous Renaissance Manuscripts Discovered in School Library
These rare, Renaissance-era books were coated with Victorian-era arsenic. But why?

Many Paleontologists Today Are Part Of The ‘Jurassic Park’ Generation : NPR
Paleontology is experiencing a golden age, with a new dinosaur species discovered every 10 days on average. Those inspired by the film Jurassic Park as children are now exiting Ph.D. programs and injecting the field with new talent.

Carbon nanotubes used to develop clothing that can double as batteries -- ScienceDaily
Engineers are creating clothing that can charge your cell phone. What makes this possible are the unique properties of carbon nanotubes: a large surface area that is strong, conductive and heat-resistant.

How Cycling Fans Helped Uncover Climate Change
Scientists watched 200 hours of old cycling race video-and uncovered a valuable record of climate change.

Professor shuts down penis size study after receiving hate mail
Missouri State professor Alicia Walker wrote an essay that details the bad press and hateful messages.

Hundreds More US Cold War Nuclear Test Videos Have Been Declassified And Released | IFLScience
New footage of nuclear tests conducted by the US between 1953 and 1962 have been declassified and released.

DOD seeks classification “Clippy” to help classify data, control access | Ars Technica
Would integrate with Microsoft Office, email and prevent sharing of sensitive documents.

Beyond the Wide Wide World of Sports

Cave rescue: The divers who got the Thai boys out - BBC News
The mission to rescue the boys in the cave has been a Thai-led but truly international effort.

'Fireball' spotted as it flies through Eastern Iowa sky - KWWL - Eastern Iowa Breaking News, Weather, Closings

#TeamMeteor showed up over Iowa a couple of months early.

Then There’s This

Firefighters not only saved his life, they finished heart attack victim’s yard work | WFTV
A Pasco County man had a heart attack as he was rushing to lay sod on his front yard to avoid getting a fine from his homeowner’s association, but something unexpected happened after Fire Rescue took...